Teacher Beauty Picks: Have a happy #onewashwonder with Olay Skin Whitening Bar!

Our world is such a busy place to be and it’s as busy as my work routine as a Teacher,Blogger, and Life Wanderer. I don’t have enough leisure time to feel at ease and relax, except during my bath time. After the stress of EDSA traffic and rush deadlines, the moment of serenity and relaxation in my bath time is such a must. But how many of you admit that bathing time is more than just “body” time?

I was blessed to have fair white skin (thanks, mom and dad! <3) but maintaining it is such a battle. I tend to tries A LOT of products just to make my skin fair and soft as always. And I believe that it will be an endless pursuit. Not until a #bloggermail came along and the Bellas from Olay Philippines and www.ilovebdj.com sent a love mail in our apartment.

Presenting, the new Olay Skin Whitening Bar!


I usually knew Olay for their expert skincare products and I’m happy to finally have a try of their #onewashwonder pink bar!


Here are my intakes:


1. This bar is indeed a #onewashwonder because of its active Rose and Milk ingredients plus the Triple Whitening System that makes my skin soft and fair after one wash!

2. Because of its smooth latter, that looks so fluffy, it doesn’t leave any soap residue on my skin that causes most of my skin irritation.


4. And you can REALLY expect the change in your skin tone from the FIRST wash. My skin has become one shade fairer compare before. No wonder it is indeed a #onewashwonder!


Have your way to your nearest stores and have your #onewashwonder too with the new Olay Skin Whitening Bar! And for all the lucky ladies out there, you can have your #onewashwonder experience for FREE! Just click on www.ilovebdj.com and complete your profile to their survey form to get your FREE OLAY SKIN WHITENING BAR!

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