Teacher Eats: An #AwesomeTogether COMEBACK of Kenny Rogers Roaster’s “Bacon Roast” with Sosy and Bolzi

Just so you know, I really love the tandem of real-life couple Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico. Watching their IG stories and how they crazily do stuff together makes them the #CoupleGoals. That’s why to immortalize that love story in a very tasty way, Kenny Rogers Roasters tries to answer the question, “does love really win despite all odds?” with a creative short film entitled “Awesome Together.”

Using animation, the short film tells the story of Sosy and Bolzi, a pair of farm animals who meet and fall in love at the Roasters Farm. Their parents, however, object to the love affair, prompting the star-crossed lovers to defy traditional family expectations and embark on an epic journey for a chance at eternal togetherness. The anthropomorphic characters of Sosy and Bolzi were inspired by Kenny’s brand ambassadors and “it couple” Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico, who also lent their voices and personalities to the star-crossed lovers—and to great results.


“Nico and Solenn are very animated humans so it was so much fun to turn them into animals,” says director Avid Liongoren, the man behind highly acclaimed animated live-action film Saving Sally.

The animated film is meant to highlight another pair that’s awesome together: flavorful bacon and juicy roast chicken. Kenny Rogers Roasters is relaunching the Bacon Roast, which was first introduced in 2013. The Bacon Roast is a special dish that wraps Kennys famous slow-roasted chicken in decadent strips of bacon to present a delicious, crave-inducing treat that will keep you coming back for more.


Kenny’s takes pride in continuously serving bold and unique flavors that their guests crave every day. This is why they have decided to bring back the Bacon Roast, and this time, more tender and juicier than ever.


You can enjoy the Bacon Roast Solo Plate with 2 side dishes, rice and a muffin for only P255. It is also available in a Group Meal for 4 for P840. The Bacon Roast is available at any Kenny’s store nationwide starting July 16. This offer is only available for a limited time, so try it now!

Join Sosy and Bolzi on their epic journey towards enduring love and have yourself a very awesome togetherness with the comeback of Bacon Roast at Kenny Rogers Roaster. Share the love on your own social network sites with the hashtag #Awesome Together and #BaconRoast.

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