Teacher Eats: Bounty Fresh Tori Karaage grabes the attention of Manila Masters Players

We are all busy in so many ways. And whether we like it or not, we can’t help but to order food outside than cooking it. As life in the metro becomes even more fast-paced, Filipinos on-the-go like me are always on the look-out for quicker and more convenient ways to go about their daily chores, including cooking their meals. We must bring back home-cooked meals at home.


Bounty Fresh Food Inc. one of the country’s biggest suppliers of value-added chicken products and fresh-chilled chicken, helps make delicious, healthy meals easily available to households and busy young adults by introducing Bounty Fresh Saucy ToriKaraage.

The newest innovation from Bounty Fresh is made from all-natural lean and tender chicken meat and can be cooked in as fast as 8 minutes over medium heat. The Bounty Fresh Saucy ToriKaraage comes in two different sauces, Teriyaki and Sweet & Sour. Talk about fresh and fast convenient cooking.

To test its power to satisfy one busy man’s craving, Bounty Fresh Food Inc. took part in the Manila Masters 2017 eSports Tournament at the MOA Arena  to introduce the players to the delicious and mouth-watering Bounty Fresh Saucy ToriKaraage.


In between intense and highly-competitive DoTA 2 games for a chance to win US$250,000 local and international pro gamers and other guest were able to sample not just the chicken treat but also the exciting and fun games courtesy of Bounty Fresh. These games also give the participants merchandise from Bounty Fresh. They were also treated to an energetic performance from the SexBomb New Gen Dancers who, like the Bounty Fresh Saucy ToriKaraage, were simply hard to resist.



The Bounty Fresh Saucy ToriKaraage is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide for only Php 179.00 (SRP) per450-gram pack.

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