Teacher Eats: Have Sweet-Sarap Moments like Regine Velasquez-Alcasid and Nate with Jolly Spaghetti

What does it feel like being a a mom in the midst of fame and showbiz controversies? I’m not one of them (I even dream of it someday lols), but watching families in the showbiz industry having conflicts in front of the camera make my mind believe that being in that situation is no good for any of us. But not all showbiz families are like that. If there’s one showbiz family I really admire the most is the Alcasid Family. Ogie, Regine and their son Nate makes me believe that having a Godly-oriented family is so inevitable in this social media world. From being the “Asia’s Songbird,” being one of the brightest stars in showbiz industry, to changing season towards marriage and now being a mother, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid best reflect how to live her life to the fullest; whatever roles she’s in.



And with all her best-selling albums, awards and TV/Movies shows that she did for the past 30-years career, there’s one role she loves best: being a mom to her six-year-old son Nate. Regine, being in the showbiz industry for a long time, is not different from all the moms we usually meet. She experience the same hardships, same sleepless nights, and same “mother dilemmas” she encounter with her son every day. But what I admire to this woman is her “hands-on” motherly care for her son, that makes them SO WELL-FIT as Jollibee newest family members.


For this season (before mother’s day celebration), Jollibee launched a heartwarming TV commercial that represent the behind-the-scenes moments of Regine with her son. It shows how her life as a singer/actress is MUCH SWEETER when Nate is around. It’s a different side of Regine Velasquez that not all people can see in front of the camera. The TVC also play one of the popular song of Regine with the heartwarming line, “Pangako magmula ngayon, tayong dalawa ang magkasama,” which makes the commercial more emotional and personal for Regine and Nate to remember.


As Regine stated, “The storyboard is so touching and very personal. It shows my different roles as Regine, but it also shows that my greatest one is being a mom, which is the most difficult yet most fulfilling role I have to play.”

It shows how Regine take motherhood very seriously in a loving way. Since she gave birth to Nate in 2011, Regine has slowed down to professional life to to spend more time with her son. Why is that? Because the first seven years of the child are the most crucial to their development, as studies show, and the Songbird is determined to make the most of it.


One of the things that they love to do as mother-son bonding is doing arts and crafts, story telling, and eat-out at Jollibee with nate’s favorite Jolly Spaghetti. No wonder that they’re a perfect pair for the new Jollibee TVC.

Just like Regine and Nate, make your family bonding moments more special with the sweet-sarap na walang katulad Jolly Spaghetti. From then solo plate price of PHP50, your family can now enjoy the Jolly Spaghetti in a bigger “Family Pan” that can feed four to five people for only PHP199 pesos. Both are available in all Jollibee stores nationwide for dine-in, take-out, delivery, drive-thru.

Wanna watch the full TVC of Regine and Nate for Jolly Spaghetti? Just visit Jollibee Philippines Facebook page and follow @jollibee on instagram and twitter for more updates and promos.

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