Teacher Eats: Make Moments “Berry Delight” with the New Jollibee Tea Float and Strawberry Fries.

All of us have some weird taste buds that leads us to weird food decisions. Personally, I love putting “banana ketchup” as condiments to any soup dishes. That’s weird, but I love the taste. That’s’ why most of us Filipinos never will run out of ideas when it comes to food. How about this, putting strawberries in your food? That’s good for desserts, but how about in your usual Filipino Food? It is quite bizarre at first, but people already innovate its use and putting it to their food (like strawberry sinigang and strawberry taho in Baguio City for instance). 


In Jollibee, you will never ran out of ideas as well in enjoying your favorite Jollifood. And now they’re launching their new exciting dishes that will surely burst your strawberry obsessions: The Strawberry Tea Float and Strawberry Fries.


These sweet and surprising treat from Jollibee made sound weird at first look, but trust me when I say that this will surely be your new “JOLLI FAVORITE” once you taste it.

The “strawberry tea float” tastes as if you’re ordering a milk tea with its sweet strawberry tea taste plus the mild combination of their Jollibee soft serve vanilla ice cream. For 29 pesos, I don’t need to spend too much on shady tea shops for fix my strawberry cravings. This float is a good upgrade for your “yum burger and chicken joy meals for only P20.00 pesos.


The Strawberry fries, on the other hand, may be sound weird at first, but taking the first bite of it, it is “weirdly-delicious” in my taste buds. It’s salty-sweet combination makes it so special to taste and it doesn’t give me any “umay” feeling afterwards.

You can buy this dessert-like fries in Regular (P40.00 pesos), Large (P65.00) and Jumbo (P80.00). You can also upgrade your favorite Jollibee value meals by adding P7.00 for you to have the strawberry fries.


You can now have your tasty strawberry fix in your nearest Jollibee store TODAY and let’s share the #StrawberryLoversDelight. Visit Jollibee Facebook page (facebook.com/JollibeePhilippines) or tag @jollibee on Twitter and Instagram for more details.

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