Teacher Eats: Three Reasons why #JollibeeGarlicCheeseFries can take you to #FlavorfulAdventure

We Millennials are constantly looking for something awesome and fun to do with our lives. To explore places and discover new things to fuel our creativity. One of the things we love to explore is food. Personally, I’m always on the move to find new food places, new dishes to put in my Instagram feed and in my tummy.

We Filipinos love finger foods, particularly French fries. Strange as it seems, but when it comes to food, we Filipinos “DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS!” We can be creative and wild when it comes to food, to the point of making other countries go crazy for it (I’m talking to you, Sonny Side).


And we don’t need to go far! Here in Jollibee, a new flavor has come to change the way you see French fries. Jolly Crispy Flavored Fries in “Garlic and Cheese” is the new flavor that has a mouthwatering combination of deliciously smooth cheese with a savory garlic kick!


It was just last week when I was introduced to this newly flavored fries, and I’m acting like I’m already attached to it. I can only think three reasons why this fries captures my heart:

1. Garlic and Cheese Flavor is such LEGIT!

I love how Jollibee can come up with a flavor fries that’s not usual for most Filipinos. Usually, you can only see cheese, sour cream and barbeque as a flavor for fries. But Jollibee made an awesome move to combine garlic and cheese in one flavor. And I love it! 

2. The New Flavor is very FILIPINO!

I don’t know about you, but the garlic and cheese “love team” flavor of this new fries captures my senses as a Filipino. The balanced flavor of garlic and cheese suits my Filipino taste buds better than the previous Jollibee flavored fries. And I love how it suits well together with other Jollibee products. 



3. It Captures the #FlavorfulAdventure concept SWIFTLY!

The new flavored-fries pretty sums up the whole concept of the #FlavorfulAdventure theme. As Filipino, Jollibee never fails to capture the hearts of people. This new flavored-fries takes me to a new level in the way I see fries.


To end this up, I can tell that this new flavored-fries will make me so fat and crave for more. It’s good to share it to others, but for me, its another story lols. So thank you Jollibee for a new #FlavorfulAdventure ahead with this new Jolly Crispy Flavored Fries in Garlic and Cheese. Super Cheese is still available and you can get it in three sizes: three sizes: Regular (P40.00), Large (P65.00), or Extra Large (P80.00)* for dine-in, take out, delivery, or drive-thru transactions.


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