Teacher Insight: Narada and iEZ Global & Dios Enterprise Partnership Aim for Better Phil Power Source

Teacher Insight: Narada and iEZ Global & Dios Enterprise Partnership Aim for Better Phil Power Source

In this present times, electricity consumption has been a basic necessities for every industries. From households to large corporations, having a stable power source is an essential means to keep the industry running. It’s inevitably seen in our cities around NCR. But in the rural areas specifically in small towns away from urban civilization, having an electric light bulb to lighten their homes is such a problem. What’s worse is the continuous electricity bill increase that lead to more suffering to many Filipinos.

That’s why the partnership of Narada and iEZ Global and Dios enterprise is such a good news. Narada a global company known for specializing in energy storage, is coming to the Philippines to help us address the issues with power storage and promote power source technological solutions.


Photo courtesy by Mike Zuniga (Katooga.PH)

Established during 1994, Narada aims to bring society including customers and shareholders an exceptional service and give them excellent solutions. From Green and Environmental power source to movable terminal power source, this company aims to improve the quality of life to Filipinos especially the rural areas who are lack of electricity supply.

“With the gradual maturity of the world’s renewable energy market, the power generation cost of renewable energy to energy storage systems is significantly lower than that of direct power generation,” said Mr. Chen Bo, the CEO of Narada Power. “That’s why Narada and iEZ global partnership is looking forward to serve Filipino people w/ the most advanced technology to promote China and Philippine friendship and bring the best products and services to all.”


Photo courtesy by Mike Zuniga (Katooga.PH)

Expect greater things ahead as the presence of Narada Power aims to work further with the Philippine government by providing the knowledge technology to store energy and providing power even at night to provincial and small towns of the country. 

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