Teacher Insights: August Wahh drops soulful new single “Elated”

Teacher Insights: August Wahh drops soulful new single “Elated”

Following her first solo release, ‘Know What I Want’ last December 2019, August Wahh returns with a triumphant new single that is steeped in sophisticated warmth.

‘Elated’ navigates the nuances of carrying on with life with a recovered sense of identity and purpose. “I wrote Elated as a reminder to myself and to others that no matter what you’ve been through, the goal is to rise above situations that made you feel small – by accepting where you’ve been and the journey you’re on, even if you don’t know where you’re going,” the neo-soul singer-songwriter shares. “It’s a reminder to own yourself and live life to the fullest.”

With crwn’s suave beats and jazzy sonic touches, August Wahh’s ‘Elated’ makes a great case for both easy casual listening and soulful rumination. “The song was basically written on the spot,” the Sahara singer says. “crwn had a beat he played, and I wrote along it. On the same day, we recorded Elated.”

As accidental magic goes, the spur-of-the-moment recording birthed an empowerment anthem that finds refuge on timelessness and global appeal.

At a time when some of her contemporaries have chosen to embrace conventional approaches to songwriting, August Wahh channels her energy towards promoting self-worth as part of her personal mantra. She asks rhetorically “does it matter where I go?” whilealsoguaranteeing to own every decision she makes, tackling the age-old question with emotional openness and introspection.

August Wahh’s new single “Elated” will be out on streaming and digital platforms worldwide on April 30, 2020. Watch the YouTube lyric video here.

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