Teacher Insights: Celebrate Filipino Games through Creative Kids Studio’s “Project LARO”

Teacher Insights: Celebrate Filipino Games through Creative Kids Studio's  "Project LARO"

This year, as UNICEF commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Convention of the Rights of the Child, Creative Kids Studio,in partnership with Alabang Town Center, is celebrating the Filipino child’s “right to play” by holding “LARO” goes back to the fun and excitement of traditional Filipino games – combining an art exhibit-cum-sale, competition, a fashion show featuring play wear by some of the fashion industry’s most prolific designers, a community art activity, a photo exhibit, and interactive storytelling.


The event, a collaboration between Creative Kids Studio, Alabang Town Center, and Tukod Foundation, aims to raise funds for UNICEF Philippines and the construction of a thematic, child-friendly playground in Calauan, Laguna to benefit more than 7,000 children, mostly survivors of Typhoons Ondoy and Yolanda.

“We wanted to give them the space where they can forget the ordeals they went through and be children again. With the playground, we hope they can discover the joys of being a child again – to be free to run, to have the chance to let their imaginations fly, to simply forget the harsh realities of life, and find enjoyment in the simple things,” explains Creative Kids’ founder Bambi Tanjutco.


“LARO” includes the following activities:

  • “Paint It Forward” (May 12 to 26) is an exhibit-sale featuring 100 artworks of the young artists of Creative Kids Studio.
  • “Tara, Laro!” Pinoy Games conducted by Yabang Pinoy (May 16 and 17) is a game competition in various traditional Filipino games including Patintero, Luksong Tinik, and Tumbang Preso in a mall setting. There is a PhP 500 fee to join Patintero (all ages welcome).
  • “Community Art and Photo Exhibit” (Ma y 12 to 31) is an art and crafts making, where the entire community car participate. The artwork will be donated to the Pangarap Center. This event also features photographs by Artu Nepomuceno of the children from the resettlement site in Calauan, Laguna. Guests can participate by either “adopting a child, or by decorating the mural. Toy donations will also be accepted.
  • Interactive Storytelling” (May 23 and 24) is storytelling using a theatre-like approach. It will bring Filipino stories to life by making the experience interactive and immersive for children.
  • Laro Fashion Show” (May 30 6PM) features merchants of the Alabang Town Center: Gingersnaps; Peppermint; TOMS; Justice; Anemore; Metro; Periwhinkle; and a showcase of children’s wear made of fabrics from all over the Philippines. Participating designers include Rhett Eala, Rajo Laurel, Len Cabili, Elsie Standen, Itoco to heldf Curata, and Ann Ong.


“After 20 years, I felt it was time to evolve into a state with a higher purpose. Creative Kids Studio has seen the development of children through the power of art. Now, we wanted to utilize the skills they have learned in helping others. In doing so, we felt that we were helping them develop a sense of compassion and empathy for others who may not be so fortunate in life. Hopefully, through this, we can create a new generation of adults who have in them the natural capacity to give and share,” says Tajutco. To raise funds for Project LARO, among other civic efforts by Tukod Foundation, and to help reiterate UNICEF’s Rights of the Child. Tanjutco designed “LARO” to integrate play and art as a means to donate.

We are inviting the public to GET INVOLVED and be part of LARO team, the same way all the children who contributed their time and talent in making the LARO exhibit a reality. This project aims to raise funds to support the Tukod Foundation and Creative Kids’ advocacy of promoting the welfare of the Filipino children, through play, children learn more and live more. A playground will certainly brighten the lives of the children and will bring them hope and joy in their souls.

Project Laro is co presented by Cherifer, SMART Infinity and A and supported by Standard and Shakey’s.

For more information, log on to www.kidsforkids.org.ph;

Facebook: http://facebook.com/CreativeKidsPH;

Instagram: http://instagram.com/_kidsforkids


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