Teacher Insights: Have Valentine’s feels with Gari Escobar’s newest album “Baguio”

Teacher Insights: Have Valentine's feels with Gari Escobar's newest album "Baguio"

Have you ever went to Baguio with special someone? The cool weather and romantic scenery of the “summer capital of the Philippines” there’s no way you will not fall and feel loved by this place.

For Singer-songwriter Gari Escobar, this can be a inspiration to write songs about his heartaches, founded memories and lovelife. As he debuted his music career with the release of Baguio to Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and all digital platforms last February 8, 2019.

Hailing from well-known nutritional supplements provider 4Life, Gari is set to follow his musical dreams this 2019 with the release of Baguio – the first single from his upcoming self-titled debut album.

Gari Escobar was born in Manila and spent his childhood in different places, environment and social conditions that made him understand people’s problems at an early age, which often times has been his inspiration in writing.  However, having limited time to mingle with other children made him a subject of bullying, because of his crooked teeth, big ears and very short and thin physique.

Listening to the blues and different types of music gave him the opportunity to escape from the daily challenge of humiliation and physical harm.  He rebelled against his “aggressors” with it and found his freedom writing songs that expressed every typical persons’ woes and feelings.

Through the bitter trials and low self-esteem, he only found solace when surrounded by people he loved.  But his flexibility and profound love for people made him excel in the field of marketing receiving one award after another, including the international entrepreneurship award called “Silver Dollar award” from 4life Research in 2015 and DSAP’s Entrepreneur of the Year award and Hall of Fame award for 2017.  He was just recently conferred the Honorary Doctoral degree in Humanities by the Asian Leadership Academy and the University of Oklahoma.

His business might give him the success he dreamed of, but songwriting is something that’s closer to his heart. And through this love of music, he wants to launch his music for all people to hear and relate with.

Baguio tugs at our heartstrings with its nostalgic tunes inciting memories of a once magical love affair set in the comforting cold of the City of Pines. Mixed and mastered at the studio of renowned composer Vehnee Saturno, Gari’s upcoming 12-track album is truly something to watch out for.





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