Teacher Insights: How to Make Modernization Good for the Province of Aklan?

Teacher Insights: How to Make Modernization Good for the Province of Aklan?

Modernization doesn’t mean destruction to nature. I used to think the opposite when I was in college. I saw on TV how dangerous and it is in our environment when people try to construct different infrastructure and buildings in the midst of virgin islands of the Philippines. And I just wondered: are we compromising our beautiful islands for the price of modernization?

During our press conference with Aklan’s Congressman Teodorico Haresco, who is relatively known in his province as Nonong Haresco, he believes that modernization is not bad to our environment if we do it right. And for the last few years of his term, he evidently shows how he can make Aklan rise without the danger and ruins.

Aklan’s Future Development Arise

The province of Aklan (especially the island of Boracay) had it’s rollercoaster year last 2018 when the National Government declared a rehabilitation program to restore the beauty of the island back for the world to see. It might create tensions for many employees in Boracay, the results after the rehabilitation is so amazing, you’ll fall in love on this island even more.

For Congressman Haresco, this is just the beginning of the greater things ahead for this province. More than tourism, he emphasized the benefits people will reap with these good changes:

  • Good Education projects and scholarship programs for the youth of Aklan. Good education means better jobs and opportunities ahead. ]\
  • Wider livelihood programs for less privileged. Better income means lesser poverty and improvement of lives.
  • Focusing on improving the infrastructure development for inclusive growth of the province.
  • Striving for improvement of the road works for continued economic development of the province. New roads mean more people to reach. No people in Aklan will be left behind.

So the future is indeed bright and clear with all these programs in store for the Province of Aklan. With good politics and compassion with people, modernization will no longer a big problem to face, but a solution for a better life ahead. And for Congressman Haresco, these are steps he wants to make.

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