Teacher Insights: Jollibee launches TikTok channel, challenges users to act out #KwentongJollibee scenes

Teacher Insights: Jollibee launches TikTok channel, challenges users to act out #KwentongJollibee scenes

Wanna be creative and fun while you’re safe and sound in amidst of COVID-19 pandemic? Our bestfriend Jollibee came up with his TikTok Account and it’s indeed 100% good vibes to look at. The best part: you can recreate your own #KwentongJollibee using the app!

Keeping the #KwentongJollibee fever more alive than ever, Jollibee brings Filipinos a brand-new outlet where they can showcase their flair for singing, dancing, and acting, to be shared to a wider audience. Aspiring artists and content creators can share their creativity and talents as Jollibee launches its new channel on one of today’s fastest growing and widely-used social media platforms, TikTok, which has garnered over 1.5 billion downloads.

The #KwentongJollibee TikTok challenge, which encourages users to duet or lip sync the juicy bits of their favorite episode, has swiftly gained 12.7 million views shorty after it was launched. Done in partnership with BBH Singapore, this is the first time that Jollibee utilizes this platform to engage with avid fans of its hit Valentine series.

TikTok users who got caught up in “#CoupleGoals”, which has gained over 25 million views, can lip sync to the taxi showdown scene and pretend they are Matt and Lisa arguing. They can also do a duet as Myles together with the dreamy Ron from the best-performing episode “Apart”, which was streamed 34 million times over, and act as if they are a couple sharing a sweet kilig moment. Lastly, TikTok users can re-enact a funny scene from “Space”, with almost 30 million views, and pretend they are Mae, whom the lovestruck Dan is trying to patch things up with.

“Together with Jollibee, we believe TikTok has unlocked an incredible creative energy in the Philippines. Since the launch of this challenge, 19,000 videos have already been submitted. It’s warming to see people share the simple joy of doing something together,” said Sascha Kuntze, Chief Creative Officer of BBH.

With the popularity of TikTok, it’s not hard to find short-form videos one after another — and with Jollibee launching its new channel, Filipinos can share even more joy as they showcase their talents in crafting creative content that will spark the interest of generations across.

Get your vocals, dancing, and acting moves ready and share your own creative take of the #KwentongJollibee Valentine’s episodes! Join the fun by downloading the TikTok app, and post your #KwentongJollibee challenge at Jollibee’s official Tiktok page (www.tiktok.com/@jollibee).

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