Teacher Insights: Kaleidoscope Christmas at its Finest and more at Greenfield District

Teacher Insights: Kaleidoscope Christmas at its Finest and more at Greenfield District

For the young pros and residents of Greenfield, I know it’s hard to find comfort and chill-out place with all the buzz and hassle of the city life (not to mention the stress and pressure of the urban lifestyle). But this Christmas season, Greenfield District has something for you to enjoy this yuletide time. As the City of Mandaluyong will shine brighter and sparkle with the Greenfield Development Corporation’s annual “A Christmas for Generations” series.

This merry-making festivities, that began last November 24 at Greenfield District has been a tradition by its developers, to uphold the “Kaleidoscope Christmas” theme and spread more vibrant colors to the residents, employees and guest of the said place. Now on its third year, they aim to bring more people to witness the spirit of Filipino holiday traditions that upholds the value of togetherness and spending quality time with the whole family and friends.


Their huge 40-feet “Kaleidoscope Christmas Tree” is filled with different vibrant colors that is very #InstagramWorthy for everyone who wants to take a picture. Within the area, they also continue to bring good food and shopping bazaars for everyone who wants to chill out and enjoy each other’s company after a hard day’s work. Food stalls offering Filipino, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Persian and other well-known cuisines that line up in front of the giant Christmas tree.


This season, they offered different activities that will surely keep your time at Greenfield District memorable. Their Christmas bazaars are open every Thursday to weekends at 4PM to midnight:
• Thursday: Jazz Fest for cool and smoothing jam night (band starts at 7 P.M);
• Friday: Kaleidoscope Night filled with upbeat music and band performance;
• Saturday: Weekend Market for fresh and good finds;
• Sunday: Sunset Fair and Kids play fair for family weekend bonding.


Photo credit to Greenfield District facebook page.

The guiding principle behind its holiday activities is also the vision espoused by Greenfield’s “Building for Generations” mantra where developers promises and delivers sophisticated homes and communities that will remain relevant for the next generation, and where Filipino Families live comfortably and thrive in verdant, spacious neighborhoods. With their theme “The First FUTURE READY Home,” they’re passionate to uphold Filipino home traditions to everyone despite the technology-driven of their units. They want to provide people high-tech conveniences combined with the calm ambiance that every family will enjoy.


“The Christmas season is truly important to us, because Filipino family has always been at the center of how we envision and grow our company. Christmas is a time for family and we wish to honor this by providing an apt venue where families can reconnect,” Greenfield’s President and Chairman Jeffrey D.Y. Campos said.


In the upcoming celebration of Christmas and New Year, expect more exciting activities and fun festivities that Greenfield has to offer. So no matter how stressful and tired you are, you can still find ways to enjoy your after-work rest with families and friends at Greenfield District. For more updates and insights about their activities and events, just visit their website www.greenfield.com.ph and their Facebook account : www.facebook.com/greenfielddistrict

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