Teacher Insights: “Make Today Magical” with BDJ Power Planner 2019 Product Line-up

Viviamo! Inc., makers of Belle de Jour (BDJ) Power Planner has been a companion of every “bellas” in every goals and aspirations they have in every season. Whether you’re traveler, fashionista, or just a simple bellas, Viviamo! Inc. has been a good tool to organize life’s events and goals (and even creative ideas and dreams).

BDJ Planners

And for this 2018, Viviamo! Inc. has recently launched its 2019 product line-up with an event themed “Make Today Magical.” BDJ has taken eventgoers on a whimsical journey at the launch weekend—a two-day jampacked celebration filled with various activities, workshops, and talks that helped them transform their lives for the year ahead.


To make this possible, BDJ organized a full magical experience that helped uncover their own magic and discover the power to make things happen. Bellas and guests were given a dose of inspirational boost at the Passion/Purpose talks from various women, travel and entrepreneurial organizations.


They were also taught how to unleash their creativity in the fun skills workshops including Basic Brush Calligraphy, Calligraphy Blends and Shadows, and Calligraphy with Backgrounds and Wreaths Calligraphy with Leah Ang of Calligraphy Love MNL; and master the skill of creating double-tap worthy Instagram photos with content creator Kenneth Amparo.


Apart from the magical experiences at the launch, guests took home a bunch of BDJ products and freebies from several craft and brand partners. The event was made possible by BDJ’s generous sponsors including Artsy Cassey, Basilur Tea, Baskin-Robbins, Browhaus, BYBA, Canmake, Celeteque, Craft Carrot, Crafted by Sophie, Crazy About Paper, Curves, Fitness Gourmet,Fly Shades, Frankie’s New York BUffalo Wings, Goldilocks, Great Joy Crafts, GuavaPass, McDo, Parisian, PlanxCo, Qrated Crates, Revlon, Serenitea, Sip PH, SkinHouse, Soapranos, Sqooid, Strip, StyleGenie, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, The Heart Project PH, Tokyo Finds, Zalora and Zenutrients.


Cosmopolitan Philippines and Wheninmanila.com were the official media partners of the Make Today Magical: BDJ 2019 Launch Weekend.

Get to Know the Planners Better

This event launch primary purpose is to introduce their new range of  Viviamo! Inc. Planners, Journals, and more. Let’s get to know them better and see what planner best suits you. 


BDJ DiscBound Cover

This year, BDJ planner comes with 12-monthly dividers with worksheets about lifestyle, fashion, career, finance—to help you discover your own magic, identify your mood, strengths, priorities and goals. These worksheets include Make Things Happen, Checklist, Dream Board, Spirit Animal, Mood Tracker, and Make Your Own Magic Spell. The planner also features an expandable pocket sleeve at the back for receipts, cards and bills safekeeping.

BDJ DiscBound Inside Pages

Monthly Dividers – Start each month right with the monthly activities and articles about lifestyle,   fashion, career, finance

Monthly Calendar and Weekly Layout – Manage your time and priorities with spacious monthly calendars and vertical weekly spreads

Special Pages – Discover your own magic, identify your mood, strengths, priorities, and goals through a variety of worksheet pages

BDJ Classic

The 2019 BDJ Power Planner comes in different styles—the classic cover (Php 598), limited edition (Php598), leather (Php 680), discbound (Php 980)—that cater to every Bella’s distinct taste and need.

  • BDJ Classic (Php598) – Matte laminated hardcover with glitters and illustration of the 2019 Bella
  • BDJ Limited Edition (Php598) – Matte laminated hardcover with glitters and a creative illustration about the 2019 theme
  • BDJ Leather (Php680) – Velvet black leather with debossed flower elements and gold foil stamping
  • BDJ DiscBound (Php980) – Gold-stamped velvet black leather with disc binding for users who want to customize planner pages

Aside from a magnetic bookmark, each planner also comes fully equipped with interactive monthly dividers that transform your planner magically with a Zappar app. Finally, the Perks of a Bella coupon booklet in the BDJ Planner offers Php40,000 worth of treats and discounts, to make each of the Bella’s day magical all year round.



Navi journal showcases contents and illustrations of 12 widely celebrated festivals from different parts of the world on its monthly dividers. With special pages such as 101 Checklist, Bucket List, Must-see Destinations, Pre-trip Checklist and Packing List, Navi journal helps you visualize your travel goals and carefully map out your next adventure with ease.

Monthly Dividers – Give the lowdown of widely celebrated festivals around the world to inspire you to explore different cultures

Monthly Calendar and Weekly Layout – Write down your monthly travel plans and your week’s highlights in the horizontal weekly layout with notes pages

Special Pages – Worksheet pages help you visualize your travel goals and carefully map out your next adventure with ease

For an affordable price of Php598, Navi Journal gives you access to over Php25,000 worth of discount coupons from partner brands in the Travel Curious coupon booklet.


Everything is Possible

Priced at Php598, this year’s edition of EIP features 176 full-colored pages, a matte-laminated hard cover, and an expandable back pocket for receipts and cards safekeeping. Aside from its striking cover, EIP contains monthly dividers with motivational quotes and weekly mantras that will serve as voices of encouragement to always keep the momentum.The special pages in the EIP planner are also in place to guide users to stay on track of their goals for the course of the year. Discover your goals and make it achievable with the following pages:

  • Ikigai
  • Vision Board
  • Timeline of Goals
  • Identifying Intentions and Motivations
  • How to Measure Success
  • Positive Poster
  • Life Achievements
  • #LifeGoals
  • No-Edit list
  • Priority List
  • Milestones
  • Reward Checklist
  • Things I’m Grateful For
  • Obstacles and Mistakes, and
  • Promise for Next Year


Essentials planner styled

The 2019 Essentials Planner comes in two sleek (2) cover designs–Classic and Pattern– both with gold foil stamping. Presented in a minimalist cover, the planner contains 144 pages with dotted weekly pages ideal for bullet journaling, as well as creative journaling. Whether you’re a first-time planner user or not, the Essentials Planner can be your planner of choice this 2019

Monthly Calendar and Weekly Layout – Have the freedom in planning or unleashing your creativity with spacious dotted spaces and a minimalist layout

Essentials Notebooks


For the coming year, believe that the magic lies within you, and that you have the power to turn your goals into reality with Belle de Jour Power Planner. Get your BDJ products at all leading bookstores nationwide and visit their official website at ilovebdj.com.

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