Teacher Insights: Shopee and Unilever team up for #BeautyThatCares Sale

Teacher Insights: Shopee and Unilever team up for #BeautyThatCares Sale

There’s nothing more beautiful than to know that your beauty products can serve a good purpose. And for Shopee, this is the good way to reach an helping hand while keep your beautiful hair. As they teams up with Unilever to launch the #BeautyThatCares sale from August 7 to 9. Consumers can get exclusive freebies, deals, and discounts up to 75% off when they buy from Unilever brands like Cream Silk, Closeup, Love Beauty and Planet, and more on Shopee.

Shopee and Unilever’s #BeautyThatCares campaign will support three organizations namely UNICEF, the LGBT Chamber of Commerce, and Future Faces.

Teacher Insights: Shopee and Unilever team up for #BeautyThatCares Sale
  • Cream Silk will be partnering with UNICEF, the leading organization that helps children around the world fight for their rights and reach their potential.
  • Meanwhile, CloseUp is teaming up with the LGBT Chamber of Commerce, a group that promotes workplace equality.
  • Lastly, environment-conscious line Love Beauty and Planet will be supporting Future Faces, a student-led group that provides nutritious meals to children in impoverished areas”

The special sale will run from August 7 to 9 and features discounts up to 75% off. Early-bird buyers on August 9 can also look forward to freebies including t-shirts, drawstring bags, and limited edition products with a special #BeautyThatCares packaging.

Shop the Unilever #BeautyThatCares sale at https://shopee.ph/BeautyThatCares.

Visit the Shopee website at https://shopee.ph/ and download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

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