Teacher Insights: The Use Of Learning Apps Have Benefited Many Children

We have seen how the advancement of technology has greatly infuenced our daily lives and especially in ourchildren’s education. In the old days, only the rich get educated but that is the thing of the past. Today, education is affordable to many. Most average families can afford a mobile phone for their children to download the study app.There are many study apps available at the app store or the Google play store.


Choosing the best tutoring app can be overwhelming for first timers but it can definitely change the way your child learns.

Text books are often boring and tiring for the children. Good quality videos with moving animations and colourful pages can make learning fun for the children.Children using study apps are found to be more interactive and these apps encourage better engagement between parents and children especially while they are using the study app. Study apps promote entertainment and learning is no longer a passive activity but more of games and fun learning.

Children using study apps have an increase interest in learning.

Children are encouraged to complete, compete and to pass each level of their learning. Once downloaded to the mobile phone, the Google Play study app is available round the clock. Children can learn anytime convenient to them, wherever they are. There is no time schedule to follow and children enjoy this type ofrelaxed learning. Children can easily learn to use the child-friendly control without much effort. Entertainment learning encourages the child to want to learn more and is the best way to utilize the child’s free time instead of spending hours playing computer games that have no education value.

With learning apps, parents need not have to nag or force their children to learn or to memorize. Children learn faster and remember better when using learning app. For those using Apple devices, you can download the free Apple teaching app from itunes.apple.com.

This teaching app enables both smart learning and systematic learning. Children find that they are able to flow with the lessons without much effort.
Not only children benefit from learning apps, teachers can use the apps to help them plan teaching materials.

Learning apps allow simple downloading of reference notes without the use of papers, pencils, and pens. Besides helping children to improve their skills, like reading, Maths, memorizing, etc. some learning apps enable parents to track their children’s progress. The use of learning apps for education has increased tremendously and children fromall over the world have benefitted from using these apps.

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