Teacher Insights: The “Your Inner Voice” Experience

Being an all-around-teacher/financial advisor/ lifestyle blogger, I tend to go to many events here and then to meet new people. Connecting with them and getting to know their journey has been one of the things I want to improve with all these professions I’m in. But there’s one thing I don’t think I can expert with: EVENT HOSTING.

Looking at the different hosts to different parties, events and seminars I’d been with, I don’t think I have the guts and strength to do what they’re doing. And being mumbler a lousy with a lousy body posture (yes people, I’m a lousy teacher sometimes), being an event speaker or host is not one of the things I can do well.


Picture credited to “Your Inner Voice” FB page.

To boost up my confidence in talking to people and get to know more about hosting, my friend invited me to a hosting workshop named “Your Inner Voice.” This brand of a workshop that helps an individual discover him/herself. It teaches you how to present yourself well, how to conduct an interview, event hosting, and mostly, self-discovery.


One day being in the workshop (which formally conducted in 2-days basis) taught me many things about more than just hosting. You see, people perceived hosting as an easy job to do sideline. If you speak eloquently, dress well, and have a perky personality, then you’re good to be an event host. But Moxx de Vera, a professional host/voice talent/host coach, taught us that hosting is more than just eloquence and good looks. It’s about
being able to master yourself, your capabilities, your limitations, strengths, and weaknesses will help you develop into a better version of yourself.


Picture credited to “Your Inner Voice” FB page.


During the workshop, they taught us the “Do’s and Don’t” in handling a microphone, dress codes, posture and main tips for handling boring events and meeting, being the light of the event.


Picture credited to “Your Inner Voice” FB page.

This workshop aims to bring more people to get out of their comfort zones and welcome people to this growing community. And for future events, they plan to conduct more seminars and workshops to help more people be the best host that they can be.

For more updates and insights for their future workshops, just visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/yourinnervoiceworkshops/ and its time to get your hosting career in an A-Game!

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