Why is it Best to Invest amidst of the High Inflation Rate?

Why is it Best to Invest amidst of the High Inflation Rate?

What’s the best time to invest? With all the sad news about prices of goods and commodities getting high and the peso-dollar rate has reached its unfavorable term, how such ordinary Filipinos like you and me can invest without breaking our pockets?

In Sun Life Asset Management, the no. 1 mutual fund company in the Philippines, they’re offering a very feasible solution so you can start investing in your future’s financial best. During the press conference for the “2019 Market Outlook and Bright Offering,” they show some good and bad news about the economic status of our country and how it should not worry people about investments.

Why Filipinos Shouldn’t Worry about Inflation Increase?

During the press conference, Sun Life’s Chief Investment Officer Mr. Michael D. Enriquez briefly discussed the pros and cons of what’s going on to our Philippine Economic Growth, in line to the “Build, Build, Build” project and the forecast of what it is to come to the 2019 investment status.


As you would know, the inflation rate increased at 4.6%, which is the highest inflation rate over a decade. This only means many things: the prices of goods (food, raw materials, etc.) and services will increase. And as of this moment, we already see the drastic changes to our grocery budget. We’re having a hard time buying vegetables and other items in the supermarkets. Not only that, the Peso currency rate has gone weak for the past few weeks due to the recent typhoons and other Economic factors.


With all the inflation rate increase and poor Peso currency rate, why is it still good to invest?

1. Investing can BEAT INFLATION

As the inflation rate increases, so does the prices of good and commodities. If you invest today, the chance of beating inflation is higher than putting your money in low-interest savings. As you would know, inflation rates don’t stay the same as it is (depends on the economic growth status), and investment to stocks or mutual fund platform can give your money a chance to grow more because of it’s higher interest rates. So the value of money increases from time to time no matter how inflation rate hikes.

2. Investment in a Mutual Fund is SAFER

Unlike putting your money to a tool that gives only low-minimum interest or just making it idle inside your coin bank or wallets, mutual funds have a safer and well-secured platform where fund manager experts are making sure that your money is in good hands.

So with all the negatives and glitch about our economy, it is still the best time for people to invest TODAY because this is where the opportunity for money to grow more than none. With that, Sun Life Asset Management opened many solutions for Filipinos like you and me to start invest NOW.


Committed to making investing an ever more delightful experience for us, they partnered with Banco de Oro (BDO), Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI), and Metrobank for it’s Bill Payment Program. This enables clients to make an additional investment in peso-denominated Sun Life Prosperity Funds via a bank partner’s various payment channels: online banking, automated teller machines, or over-the-counter. Now you can now start investing with just one bank away.


Another solution they have is their new announcement of LOWER MINIMUM INVESTMENT. For only 1,000 pesos initial investment (formerly 5,000) see, you can now invest in different Sun Life Prosperity Funds (Bond, Balanced, Philippine Stock Index, Philippine Equity, and many more).

For more updates, you can talk to our reliable Sun Life financial advisors so you can start investing in a brighter life ahead. Don’t have a financial advisor yet? Visit www.sunlife.com.ph and click the “perfect financial advisor match” for you to get going with your financial goals.

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