Teacher Reads: Philip Yancey’s “The Question that Never Goes Away: Why?” (Teacher’s Review)

Teacher Reads: Philip Yancey's "The Question that Never Goes Away: Why?" (Teacher's Review)


I had the privilege to read one of Philip Yancey’s new book “”The Question that Never Goes Away”. From the sequel of his previous best-selling book, “Where is God When it Hurts?”, the well-known Christian author shows the reality and joy of having God in your midst and how to be faithful and resilient in times of struggles.

In this book, Yancey will put you to a journey full of true to life stories. Stories full of sadness, disasters, and death. Going to these places is so hollow and treacherous for everyone to see. As you go to the stories of these tragic happenings like earthly calamities or massive murder of innocent people, you’ll find yourself asking two things in your head: Where is God and Why did He allow these things to happen.

In this booklet (in size), Yancey will open your souls to these situations and his goal is not to condemn you to feel compassion, but to show God’s compassion and identity to the afflicted. That He is the same God yesterday, today and tomorrow. That every time suffering occurs, He was there and felt what the victims feel even more. And by these stories that have been told by this book, you will be convinced that through any storm, no matter how surreal and tragic it is, God is still God and He is there for you.

Yancey also phrases some real and practical ways on how to handle these situations and how to respond to those questions that might throw at you by other people and non-believers as a Christ-follower.

Overall, this book doesn’t answer the question “why?” to these tragic events, but it only speaks who God is and why you should put your faith in Him. No matter what happens.

Philip Yancey’s “The Question that Never Goes Away” is available at OMF Literature Bldg and other Christian Bookstores near you.

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