Teacher Sports Fest: Alaska Cycle Philippines (Finish line Experience)

Teacher Sports Fest: Alaska Cycle Philippines (Finish line Experience)

Cycling here in the Philippines has two meanings for some Filipinos. It’s either an easy means of transportation or a serious sports activity. I remembered my childhood days when I really want to have my own bike and the joy that I had to ride with it around the neighborhood. Having a bike for me as a kid, is such a delight. But things do not stay longer as you think. So did my little bike desires. But I may have grown without my own bike, seeing bikers enjoying their ride makes me happy as well everytime.

Whatever purpose might be, Cycling has its part of every Filipino lives. And making it as one of the main sports events of Alaska is become more awesome than ever!

It was before a sunny 7am morning when I arrived at the SM Mall of Asia to witness the Alaska Cycle Philippines. Bikers from different walks of life gathered with their bikes and their confidence to joined different categories. It was Sunday when the Adult and youngsters bikers take the league towards two goals: to finish strong and to have fun biking!


Like I said, I was an hour late when I arrived at the venue. But I was able to witness some part of the program. The FINISHER’S MOMENT!

Here’s some of the pics I took at the event:





All smiles after a hard pedal towards the finish line.



The participants are never leave hanging by the organizers after the race, as they’re provided with free Alaska Products, free Photo Shoot (with their bike) and free McDo Breakfast Sandwich. Other than what they claimed before the race, the treats that they had indeed reflected more than what they paid for.











The race is a success in all forms. The Bikers felt that they’re all taken care of the organizers. The road is open and secured for all the bikers to take a notch with their pedals. With a large number of bikers that I witnessed ended the race with the smile on their faces, makes me convinced that that this leg of Alaska Cycle Philippines was a success! Congrats to all the participants and the organizers behind this race!

For more information on Alaska Cycle Philippines and how you can join the next race, visit www.cyclephilippines.com.ph/alaska or follow its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/alaskacyclephilippines. For live Twitter updates, follow @ALASKAsportshub.

Organized by Sunrise Events, Inc., Alaska Cycle Asia Philippines is sponsored by Alaska Milk Corporation, Subaru, 2Go, Gatorade, Garmin, f2P Sportswear, Intercare, Storybook.ph, Specialized, Rudy Project, Pioneer Insurance, Devant, Finisher Pix and SM by the Bay. Media partners are Philippine Star and ABS-CBN Sports + Action.

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