Teacher Sports Fest: Everyone is a Happy Family at Alaska World Milk Day Family Run 2015

Teacher Sports Fest: Everyone is a Happy Family at Alaska World Milk Day Family Run 2015

Family, as my former teacher said, is the basic unit of society. Our moral values, physical beings, and self-identity starts at where we grow up which is family. And making a good family possible is not an easy task. So there’re a lot of activities that’s been introduced to every family for them to make the relationship strong and happy.

Fun Runs for some families is a good bonding experience to shed sweat and be fit & healthy. And believe me when I say that these kinds of activity can mark a good relationship towards every family and friends relationships.


Good thing Alaska Philippines, together with Sunrise Events organized the recent “Alaska Family World Milk Day Run 2015” at SM Mall of Asia Grounds. The Fun Run Event welcomes participants and families in all walks of life, aims to do three things (3) things: To be fit and healthy on a Sunday fun run, to share family moments with their families and friends, and to celebrate the World Milk Day as a Filipino people. 

Alaska Family Run celebrates Family bonding of going out and enjoying fun activities together like running. With the categories of 100M, 1KM, 3KM Individual, 3KM Family, 5KM and 10KM (SM MOA), 3KM (Baguio, Cebu and Davao) and a Zumba Marathon, this event is surely a good hit for everyone.

To be Fit and Healthy on a Happy Sunday Fun Run

Young and old, single and took, families and friends had a good time running despite the scorching heat of a morning sun. The parents had their moments with their children. Friends had their shared bonding while running (not to mention those “Chika Pace” 😛 ) Doing such activity can educate children the importance of having exercise and living a healthy life. And hopefully, it can decrease the overweight and unhealthy number of children in the Philippines.



To Share Happy Family Moments with their Families and Friends

Fun Run for families and friends has become a bonding moment for them after a tiring and busy weekdays work, school etc. It gives them the time to be connected and have a shared moments with their loved ones.




And because of that, the social development of the children grew as they had their time with their family. And it can help the kids grow with more confidence, resilient, and excellence, knowing that their family is there for them.



To Celebrate the World Milk Day as a Filipino People

The activities and games that Alaska World Milk Day Family Run offers to the participants is a tremendous success. Everyone’s happy as they finished the race with other participants. As they gathered at the activity area, games, free milk & drinks, free milk mustache & tattoos, and Zumba marathon encourage them to stay more and enjoy everything Alaska has to offer. Many participants enjoy their FREE 1.8 KILO CAN OF ALASKA and other Alaska products. Now talk about “freebies overload!”.







Good thing there, as Alaska is also promoting milk intake as a daily regimen during breakfast named “Alaska for Breakfast”, it can encourage kids to take their milk intake as a serious and enjoyable time for them.




More than just the participants, the kids of the Children’s Hour, the beneficiary of Alaska World Milk Day Family Run 2015 are happy as well. As some of the proceeds of the Run goes to them for their future means. It is awesome putting happiness to those who in need.


As a kid at heart,”Alaska World Milk Day Family Run” made my day a meaningful and happy one, not just for me but also for all the participants. The event makes me feel like I’m in a “HUGE HAPPY FAMILY EVENT”. And oh boy, I can’t wait to share these moments with my own family soon.

Congrats Alaska Philippines and Sunrise Events for making this event possible and a successful one as well! Kitakits soon 😀 .

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