Teacher’s Beauty Finds: New Classic and Modern Fragrance in JFK Perfume

All of us want to be in our best-suited vibe wherever we go. Whether it’s a casual meet-up or formal events, we want to be sharp and elegant in the way we present ourselves. And I believe that more than just the clean suit and well-groomed appearance, we also want to smell good. In fact, Christian Dior once said:

“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.”


So I guess what can complete someone’s winning personality is his/her pleasing scent; a scent that will mark her identity to all. And that’s what JFK Perfume want all people to see (and smell). As they launch their new line of perfume, they want to set the standard higher than the usual perfume companies elsewhere. And what better way to do that than introducing their new scents that are soon will captivate Filipino consumers.

They launched these perfume lines named:


Enchante (for casual or daily use)


Sophistique (for formal or corporate use)



Aqua Mist (sporty scent)


TUX (formal perfume) for Men.

What Makes them different?

JFK fragrances is an “American-inspired” fragrance company with a Filipino heart. What makes JFK fragrances superior is the large percentage content of their essential oils. All JFK products are “EDP- Eau de Parfum” with 20% fragrance oil content imported from France. This means that their scents last longer than other commercial perfume in the market.

JFK fragrances believes in the spirit of the Filipino. It hopes to provide livelihood opportunities to many Filipino people who wants to earn more.  With these perfume line, they aim to deliver a delightful and memorable experience not just for the consumers but for the people around them.



To know more about JFK perfumes, visit their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/jfkfragrancesusa

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