Teacher’s Insights: My “Tutuban Center Mall 1K Shopping Challenge” Experience

We Filipinos know a ton of things when it comes to shopping, especially if it’s cheap finds. We love “sale season” as much as we want to save money. That’s why shopping malls, big and small, are always there to accompany us with our shopping needs. One of which is the well-known shopping mall at the heart of Divisoria, Manila. Tutuban Center Mall is always in the loop of promoting goods (trading and buy & sell) at very cheap prices. And because of its cheap-finds, more people are visiting their establishments, rich or not so poor alike.

To truly test the best of Tutuban Mall for in cheap shopping finds, their management invited us to spend whatever we like for PHP 1000 from “school and rainy days essentials” to “OOTD and sulit find” category. And we’re calling this “Tutuban Mall 1k Challenge.”

As I entered Tutuban Mall, I noticed how some known establishments are opened for customers. But my goal is not to buy to those stores. Instead, I will spend my time and 1,000 pesos to look for the cheapest goods that suited the categories I mentioned. And as far as my shopping spree is concerned, I did succeed in the challenge.
For “School Supplies Essentials,” I was able to buy my teacher’s supplies at a cheaper price compared to other well-known stores. From pad papers (11-60 pesos), ball pens (5 pesos each) to colorful washi tapes (25-100 pesos), Tutuban Mall is your “back-to-school” shopping mall.

Of course, let’s not forget the OOTD for the upcoming school year. Most of the prices of their clothes from blouses to the latest fashion trends are ranging from 50 to 350 pesos, depending on how you negotiate to their friendly “tinderas.”



But if you really like to look for some cool and affordable clothes, you can easily find it to their thrifty store that we usually called as “Ukay-Ukay.” I bought a pair of pants and a “rainy day” trench coat combined for ONLY 145 PESOS! Now talk about super sulit finds!

For extra sulit finds, I bought some toys for my students (egg toys) for 50 pesos each. The prices of novelty items and different toys are ranging from 10 pesos and up (retail or wholesale items.)
School Supplies-      469.25 PHP
Leggings (Black) –   100.00 pesos
Egg Toys (3 pcs) –    150.00 php
Pants and Coat –      145.00 php
Bag pack –                 150.00 php
Total=                      1014.00 php


It’s so awesome to buy items that you know that you will use for a good price. Tutuban Mall is indeed a good place to shop and dine outside the buzz and noise of Divisoria. Visit Tutuban Mall now and make your own 1,000 pesos challenge.

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