Teacher’s Insights: Speak UP and Be Powerful with Kamillosan M #ThePowerOfVoice

As a teacher, my voice is one of my most important assets I have; and all in the education industry can attest to that. It plays an important and integral part in everything I do, whether I teach or communicate to people through speaking or singing. That’s why I put importance on taking care of it similarly to how I take care of my health. However, because of all demands of my work and not to mention, the stress and ever-changing environment we have here in the Philippines, it’s inevitable for me to have one thing that will take its toll on my voice and everything I do; and that is a sore throat. What is a sore throat and what causes it? Let me give you some facts I know about a sore throat.

A sore throat is a type of irritation and itchiness that we feel in our throats that’s normally caused by viruses and bacteria. Changes in temperature and weather, outdoor pollution, allergens in the air, smoking cigarettes, and second-hand smoking are some natural causes for a sore throat. For some, it’s the excessive and forceful usage of your voice can also cause muscle strain that results for a sore throat.


Photo credit fom Kamillosan FB page.

That’s why sore throat products are there in the market to provide a solution to this problem. One of which is the product called Kamillosan M from one of the largest Italian biopharmaceutical groups, Menarini Philippines. This product is clinically proven as all-natural sore throat solution in a small spray bottle that you can bring anywhere. It has 8 active ingredients (chamomile extract, methyl salicylate, peppermint oil, sage oil, anise oil, dwarf pine needle oil, bergamot oil, cineol) that act as a healing agent to reduce pain, swelling, and redness. Kamillosan M is highly suited for our sore throat and unlike other medicine, its natural ingredients leave a minty fresh sweet aftertaste.


As part of promoting their product, they released their Speak Up campaign where people are asked to answer this question: “How do you encourage people with the power of your voice?” This aims to make the brand means more than being a sore throat product and promote good throat health. To make the campaign more meaningful, they introduced their newest endorsement, the Philippines’ Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo. Being as a professional singer and an inspiration to all Filipinos, Sarah surely is the perfect fit for Kamillosan Speak Up campaign.


“The essence of our campaign is to really encourage people to speak up with the help of Kamillosan. Just like Sarah, we hope to inspire people to pursue their passion without any hindrance along the way, especially sore throat,” shared Patty Nuqui, Marketing Director of Kamillosan.


Kamillosan M is available in all leading drugstore nationwide at Php 428.00 SRP. To know more about Kamillosan, visit www.kamillosan.ph and like Kamillosan PH on facebook.

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