Teacher’s Reflection: What our Youth Should Learn From #MissUniverse2015 (with an open letter)

Teacher's Reflection: What our Youth Should Learn From #MissUniverse2015 (with an open letter)

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Well, what an honor it is for us to have our very own Ms. Pia Wurtzbach as our new #MissUniverse2015. We might have some few mishaps along the way, we are so proud to FINALLY have the Miss Universe crown after decades of waiting. Social media is so flooded with tons of reactions and post of gratitude to our new Miss Universe. But for this moment, I would like to speak about things that all of us (hope you’ll agree) can learn from this pageant that’s speaks relevantly to our daily lives.


After 3 years of of waiting and hard work, she finally made it. She gave up a lot of things; made tons of effort and hard work to finally get what she really desires. These traits is something all of us Filipinos are truly grateful for. And I believe all of us, especially the youth should embrace these qualities.
What I also learn is this: nothing is impossible if you really aim for it with all of your heart. Miss Pia showcases the meaning of the true Filipino should do even in trials and hardships. Well, we often give up sometimes and that’s ok. But quitting is different from holding back to your fight. And good thing that Pia didn’t just give up and move along. She fought the good fight of faith and move forward. And its fruits is indeed sweet and everlasting.

2) THINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON (Even the bad ones)

After the pageant, Miss Columbia (the real 1st runner up) spoke a big statement after her blunt and hurtful moment at the pageant:


Having such mistake like hers is something traumatic for every woman to take. And maybe some of you already had that moment where people gave you false assurance and rejected you in so many ways. But guess what, GOD STILL LOVES AND CARES FOR YOU NO MATTER WHAT. We may not know all the reasons why God allow these things (I know that some of it is because of the sinful ways of the world) but I believe that God let that happen so that He can be the FATHER that brings healing and restoration for His broken sons and daughters like you and me. More than having a crown and privileges, I know that having a Father like Him is more than enough. And I prayed that Miss Columbia will have and know this Father that I’m talking about.


Mr. Steve, the host of Miss Universe, stood up and admit his mistake after announcing the wrong winner. He could have hide his shame and blame others for his mistake. He could have done all possible things to not take credit from his flaws. But he didn’t… and that’s an awesome thing because he even took full responsibility of his actions and not pinned it to the Miss Universe Management. What’s my point? WE NEED MORE RESPONSIBLE AND HUMBLE MEN TODAY. We admit that people make mistakes everyday, but the question is how will you react to it. Are you going to hide or you will be that man who will stood up and say, “I made a mistake and I will take full responsibility for it.” And Mr. Steve’s act also speak a lot of lessons when it comes to integrity, humility and honesty.

For Mr. Steve, thank you for taking full responsibility of your mistakes. Now that’s MANHOOD ATTITUDE.

For Miss Columbia and the rest of the candidates, winning Miss Universe is NOT the end of means. Its only just a beginning of a NEW CHAPTER AHEAD that can lead to GREATER HEIGHTS AND WINDOWS OF OPPORTUNITIES for all of you. Besides, the fact that you participate the most prestigious pageant of all is indeed a BLESSING and surely all your country men are so proud of you.

Congrats Miss. Pia Wurtzbach and your victory is indeed an inspiration and power statement for all of us. Can’t wait to have you home with us. GOD BE GLORIFIED!

If you have other lessons and reflection about Ms. Universe, feel free to comment and share your thoughts.
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