Teacher’s Sports Fest: Take Charge with Anytime Fitness

All of us are busy and move around the clock based on our lifestyle. We worked hard and do a lot of errands for many reasons in many ways. Because of this lifestyle, eating habits had been compromised and we tend to forget to take care of our health. Many of the people I knew rarely go out to the gym or jog around to break some sweat because of these two things: lack of time and lack of resources. Personally, I’m having a hard time getting these things too because of my busy teacher/blogger lifestyle. And because this vicious cycle keeps on going on, my health and sleep has been compromised and lead me to some body complications.


That’s where I learned about “Anytime Fitness” and tried their facilities in their new branch at SCAPE, Macapagal Pasay City. Having 49+ branches nationwide and counting, Anytime Fitness aims is to bring more people into a new level of fitness. And when you say “Anytime Fitness,” it literally means 24/7 fitness gym for everyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals at their own pace, own time, and own place.



My first time hitting my first gym experience at Anytime Fitness was a good experience. I learned to take my fitness goals seriously and see how different it is compared to other fitness gyms out there. Here are some points I like about Anytime Fitness:

1. Their Certified Instructors are LEGIT!


I wasn’t able to meet their fitness instructors personally, but I saw how credible these people based on their fitness credentials. All fitness trainers of Anytime Fitness are certified trainers and said to be very friendly and accommodating as well.

2. Love the Complete Facilities.



Their gym equipment is all high-quality and world-class. And unlike other fitness gyms, you can actually experience all it without extra charge! The best part is, their staff is so friendly they can help you with your gym needs.



3. Easy access anytime, anywhere.


Because of their key access, it’s easy for any members to get access to any of their branches in the Philippines. Talk about bringing the gym with you! And because of that, reaching your goals is easier and limitless. The bonus part is the easy access for you to meet new people along the way of your fitness time.


You can visit the Anytime Fitness branch at SCAPE Macapagal and see how they can make your #FitnessGoals achieve at your own pace, own time, own place.


Anytime Fitness @ SCAPE Macapagal
UG floor, SCAPE building, Macapagal blvd, corner Pearl drive.
Pasay City, Philippines
Contact number 09290757509 or 09272475037

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