Teacher’s Sports Fest: Under Armour Promotes Women Empowerment through “Women of Will”

Teacher's Sports Fest: Under Armour Promotes Women Empowerment through "Women of Will"

Every women’s cry in life is to make a difference and to be healthy & fit. In our fast-paced society, most of us are rarely make that happen because of the business of life. Stressful factors in our surrounding make us less motivated to be active and let ourselves out, and it leads us to non-communicable diseases and low self-esteem.

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Under Armour Philippines, one of the finest Sports Apparel store established “Women of Will”,  a campaign that wants to speak light and power to this struggle. This campaign aims to promote sports, fitness and a healthy and active lifestyle for today’s Women of Will.. But there’s no other way in making it but through but how they manage their lifestyle. By becoming driven, strong and fearless to accomplish any circumstances, they may face. You can attain those aspects through “Women of Will” program. You’ll be taught and trained by five inspiring prominent women to get ARMORED and be EMPOWERED. 

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Prominent names like Senator Pia Cayetano, Elle Adda, Gretchen Ho, Meggie Ochoa and Doray Elis all shares characteristics beyond their amazing bods and active lifestyle-they’re strong and their inspiring. These five powerhouses are Under Armour PH’s “Women of Will” inclusive of all women.

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For this campaign, we are privileged to be part of their “Women of Will Wednesday”; an event that encompasses the power of yoga to women. As a runner, I considered yoga as a muscle strengthening and toning activity during race training. To this event, we were invited to “Urban Ashram”, one of the finest yoga studio in the metro to try their evening yoga class.

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The experience we had been engaging and fun at the same time. Knowing Yoga as more than a sports activity, I realized that it also promotes good body posture and calm self-being. 45-Minutes of the yoga session we had makes me detoxify and relaxed because of the stretching and pose that we made (it made me realized that I also have a flexible backbone hehe 😛 ). What captivates me the most is their campaign towards “Breast Cancer Awareness Month.” This commitment that Under Armour has is to focus on how to fight illness especially breast cancer which kills our fellow women every year. Impact, they donated 500,000 US Dollars to various research efforts and foundations aimed to win the battle against this debilitating disease.

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Connecting to “Urban Ashram”, they’re offering FREE YOGA CLASS every Wednesday from November 4-November 25 for all Under Armour fans out there. For every Php, 3500 purchase of Under Armour, BGC Merchandise at entitles buyers for free Yoga Sessions Pass at Urban Ashram.

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More than just the Yoga sessions, Under Armour also has a special event for all the “Women of Will”. On November 29, 2015, Sunday, a fun-filled sports activities and inspiration speakers session will happen at Glorietta Activity Center with a theme entitled, ” Armoured and Empowered”. 

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For more details on how you can join, visit their social media accounts:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Under-Armour-Bonifacio

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