An interest in different languages led to this TikTok Chris Andrian Yang’s popularity

Chris Andrian Yang

Chris Andrian Yang was able to formulate the right combination in building up a career content creation and pursuing his artistry. 

His song covers have reached a global audience as these are rendered in various languages: English, Indonesian, Korean, Thai, Mandarin, and even Tagalog. He even covered Zack Tabudlo’s Pano, and gained a lot of appreciation and support from the Filipino community. 

His popularity caught the attention of VICE Asia, cited as the largest independent youth company in the world. TikTok and VICE Asia recently partnered to produce a series of bite-sized content that unravel stories of people behind popular TikTok videos and whose lives have changed drastically through TikTok. 

An interest in different languages led to this TikTok Chris Andrian Yang's popularity

The documentary received positive sentiments that expressed admiration for Chris Andrian Yang and inspiration for his journey on TikTok. It also revealed not just his talent but his authenticity and simplicity, qualities that TikTok elevated to the delight of his followers.

TikTok is truly an entertainment platform that sparks passion for aspiring content creators around the world and will always nurture a safe community for creative expressions.

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