Toilet Seats Buying Guide: 7 Things to Consider When Choosing the Awesome Toilet Seat for your Home

Toilet seats

Toilet seats looks appears straightforward when you buy one. However, there are many factors you should consider when purchasing one. In this guide, we will share with you seven things you need to consider when buying a toilet seat:


There are various types of unique toilet seats to choose from, depending on the features you want and their specific needs. After all, toilet seats are designed for your comfort and convenience.

Nowadays, toilet seats come with various features. A great example would be a Smart seat that comes with a built-in bidet.

If you are unsure which features to look for, here are some examples:

  • Cleansing Toilet Seats: Several toilet seats has a cleansing function. This includes a built-in bidet, which is a better cleansing alternative than an ordinary toilet paper.
  • Deodorizing Toilet Seats: These types of toilet seats are fused with a carbon filter to neutralize your bathroom’s odor. Some feature a scent pack and an intuitive fan to help fight bad odor and fill the room with a light and refreshing scent.
  • Lighted Toilet Seats: Some toilet seats feature a nightlight component that guides you in the dark.
  • Quick Removal Toilet Seats: A toilet seat with quick-removal hinges allows you to clean your toilet thoroughly with ease.
  • Quick Install Toilet Seats: It has special installation hardware that will enable you to install the toilet seat to the toilet in just a minute.
  • Secure Fit Toilet Sits: These toilet seats have enhanced rubber bumpers. This is to keep the seat grip the bowl tightly to avoid slipping and sliding.
  • Soft Close Toilet Seats: If you hate it when your toilet seat suddenly slams on the bowl, then this toilet seat is for you. These toilet seats are equipped with an anti-slam technology that carefully closes the toilet seat quietly and gently.

Bathroom Style

Another thing to keep in mind is the bathroom style. What do you think defines your bathroom style? Although the toilet is not the focal point of your bathroom, choosing the right toilet seat can increase the wow factor of your space’s design.

Toilet seats


When it comes to bathroom design, color is one of the most critical aspects of your bathroom.

Although there’s no right or wrong color, it is imperative to be mindful of the color combination you are using. This includes the color of your toilet and toilet seat.

The color you choose can set the mood of your bathroom.


There are various materials to choose from when it comes to toilet seats.

An example would be plastic toilet seats. These types of toilet seats are made of plastic. They are usually strong, durable, stain-resistant, and more affordable.

There’s also a molded wood toilet seat. This toilet seat is heavier than the regular plastic toilet seat, and it has a painted surface that would look good on your toilet.

Then there are resin toilet seats. These seats are highly durable compared with plastic, and it also provides a better external appearance. Many resins are also made with organic materials.

Bowl Shape and Sizes

Toilet seats

Bowl shapes and sizes are essential. You need to make sure they match perfectly on your toilet to create a nice and comfortable fit.

Before you buy a new toilet seat, ensure that you’re choosing the right size and shape. Measure your current seat from the hinge bolt to the front of the seat.

The common type of toilet seat is the elongated and round-front toilet seat. They measure 18 5/8 inches 16 3/4 inches, respectively.


Before you buy a new toilet seat, you need to make sure it’s compatible with your current toilet. You need to make sure that the size of your elongated or round-front toilet seat matches your toilet. You should also consider your preferred color if it would look nice on the existing toilet.

Toilet seats


Aside from the design and the compatibility of the toilet seat, you must also know its durability.

You can invest a little money to buy a much durable toilet seat, like the wooden ones. It is pricey but more durable than the plastic toilet seats. They are also scratch-proof and does not crack easily.

If you want a combination of aesthetic and practicality, go for resin toilet seats. And lastly, there’s Duroplast that can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals. The only caveat is that Duroplast is not eco-friendly.

Toilet seats


There’s a wide price range for toilet seats. No matter how large or small your budget is for a new seat, there should be no problem finding the one that’s perfect for you.

Regardless, customers prefer something simple, functional, durable, and comfortable.

Wooden toilet seat tends to cost more than plastic ones, yet those with a better feature can cost a little more. In general, investing a little bit more for a toilet seat can result in a toilet seat with better quality and features.

Before buying a new toilet seat, there are several things to remember and to consider. This includes the people who are using it, its color and material, size, and more. This is to make that it will fit your toilet and won’t disrupt your bathroom’s design.

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