Top 5 Effective Recipe Apps for iOS and Android Worth Downloading

Recipe Apps

Recipe Apps is one of our guiding tool for those who wants to be good at cooking. For this pandemic calls for us to be resourceful and and creative in making our food, these Recipe Apps are the easiest avenue for us to get to the latest trends and must-try’s in culinary industry.

For those of you who are already culinary experts, or want to explore the world of cooking, you’re in luck, as there are plenty of great recipe apps available for both iOS and Android. Bring your smartphone or iPad into the kitchen with you and prepare something to really impress your friends and family. There is a range of different apps and recipes according to cuisine and dietary requirements, so you can take your pick. Here is a list of the top five.

Recipe Apps

Forks Plant-Based Recipes

Forks Meal Planner is ideal if you’re looking for plant-based recipe apps. Whether you’re an aspiring vegan or just keen on your veggies, you can find over 400 recipes from more than 50 international chefs. If you’re aiming to create something a little more healthy in the kitchen, then this one could be for you. The app offers easy to follow instructions along with the grocery list and meal planner features. You’ll never forget anything in the supermarket again. 

Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows is another app with a focus on the healthier side of cooking. These recipes are not only good for you but they’re spectacularly presented, and the photography on the app is worthy of the Hospitality industry. You’ll think you’ve prepared something from a high-end restaurant. There are over 140 plant-based recipes and 120 gluten-free options to choose from as well. 

BBC Good Food

BBC Good Food has an extensive library of recipes. The database actually includes over 10,000, so if you’re stuck for ideas you won’t have any problem. Many of the recipes are also created by celebrity chefs. There’s also more of a social aspect. You can share recipes between friends on the app and rate them as you go. The step-by-step guides make cooking at home a lot easier, and you can save your favorite recipes in your account for later, or to recommend a friend.


Tasty has taken over social media with awesome recipe videos, so why not download the app and make some yourself? You can select the type of recipe you want by using a filter for things like ingredients and dietary requirements. Tasty also notifies you with personalized recommendations based on your previous choices. It’s fully customizable and ideal for those who know what they’re looking for in a recipe. You’ll also get access to all the latest Tasty videos before anyone else.

Big Oven

Big Oven has over 350,000 recipes. It also has a number of cool features. You can upload photos of whatever you make and send it to family and friends on the app. If you’re not sure what to make, it also has a feature where you can type in the ingredients you have and it will generate a recipe. All you need are the essential kitchen items to get going.

With all this technology in the kitchen, you’ve really got no excuse not to get back into cooking. It couldn’t be easier with these fantastic recipe apps.

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