How Will Post-Covid Life Empowered Law Firms to Work Differently?

Law Firms

COVID-19 force us to formulate different approach on communication for different people. For Law Firms, for example, this pandemic gave them an opportunity to reach more and be more present to their clients through technology. Most lawyers have been diversifying their appointment method for years to ensure they could support their clients as best as possible. Face-to-face meetings remain popular, as many clients want to meet the person who will defend their rights and establish a personal and trustworthy connection. However, law firms also offer alternatives when a face-to-face appointment isn’t an option, such as written communication, or a phone call, for instance.

However, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, inviting your clients to your office is going to be a rare event. Social distancing measures and virus anxiety are forcing people indoors. As a result, law firms need to get creative to maintain a close relationship with their clients. In a sector where lawyers are the modern day’s knights who protect people against unfair decisions or situations, building a trust-based relationship can be a game-changer. But how do you make it work when you can’t meet?

Law Firms
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Law Firms Now Embracing Remote Work Arrangements

Remote work arrangements are not new. But they’ve become more popular during the pandemic. A lot of people have chosen to start a new career at home to boost their household income and reduce social commutes. Home-based ventures, such as food businesses or freelancing, for instance, are gaining in popularity. A lot of people have looked for creative solutions to earn an income at home, whether they reached out to their employer to arrange for remote working options or launched their independent side hustles. As a result, people expect your law firm to respect their wish for social distancing. Video conferencing such as Zoom is replacing phone calls and meetings in the business world. For legal professionals, a lawyer-specific conferencing tool such as Legaler is a better option that enables secure and recorded video meetings. For clients who are worried about the pandemic, the option to stay at home and reach out to a lawyer is a win-win.

Word-of-mouth strategy to reach people at home

There’s one thing that the pandemic has highlighted: When people stay at home, their attention span decreases. With a high number of distractions at home, law firms need to build up credibility through long-lasting word-of-mouth campaigns. Professional PR agencies, such as Elite Lawyer Management, can make a big difference in creating multi-channel brand awareness campaigns. Combining PR methods, TV networks, blog posts and many other formats to deliver digestible and memorable content can help reach out to your audience, despite the home-based distractions.

Review your remote communication

Under lockdown conditions, communication strategies have become more varied to embrace new restrictions and needs. For individuals, video calls are an excellent option for meetings. But there are many more options available. Remote technology can help improve communication with your clients and reduce the risks of misunderstanding and mistakes. It’s also important to note that lawyers typically have a pricing policy for their time. But, during the pandemic, your time needs to be quantified differently to account for the lack of face-to-face meetings. It takes only a few seconds to build the first impression of a person when you meet them. When you see them via a webcam or read their Whatsapp messages, your pricing policy should include sufficient “remote communication time” for your client to trust you.

Law Firms
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Adapting your communication and branding strategy to the pandemic restrictions is a challenge for every business. For law firms, life under the pandemic needs to include legally secured and manageable communication strategies that support brand awareness, relationship with clients, and building a first impression.

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