Teacher Insights: 3 Things I Love about the “Swosh” App

Teacher Insights: 3 Things I Love about the "Swosh" App

I’d been doing my laundry since teenager. I master already the separation of white and color clothes to removing stains using two bleach combination. That’s why letting other people do my laundry is indeed a no-no for me. Not knowing what detergent powder they use and what the laundryman actually do with my clothes already worries me. Do they really clean my clothes or just dump them in the washer?


To ease my tension against laundry shops, an app named “Swosh App” gave me an opportunity to book a laundry service and let a random laundry shop of my choice to wash my clothes.

What is a “SWOSH” App?

Swosh was introduced to me by Wish Card App as one of their partner app. Here’s how it goes. If transportation have “Uber”, grocery have “honestbee,” laundry also have “Swosh.” It let’s you book a laundry service (Wash/ dry clean/shoe and sneaker cleaning) to a laundry shop you want, and swosh team will do the pick-up/drop-off delivery for you. So what makes this app so special and worth a space in your mobile phone?

1. The Laundry Services are Very Accessible

Instead of you looking for a laundry shop to stop by, the Swosh app has a lists of partnered laundry shops that when you book, it will easily show based on your area of proximity. In short, you have the power to choose what kind of laundry shop you want to book according to their rates and reviews.

2. It Gives me more ME TIME

More than just booking the laundry shop you like, you can also choose the laundry pick-up/drop-off time based on your preferences. So yes! It’s really convenient and accessible, I can use my laundry time to do more “Me Time” for myself (like sleeping) while my chosen laundry shop take care of my clothes.

3. The Swosh Team is Very Accommodating with my Laundry needs

The Swosh team may not be the one who’s washing my clothes, but when it comes to my concerns about my laundry, their dispatcher staff is one text/call away to solve it for me. Throughout my laundry booking service, they pick-up/drop-off my clothes properly and immediately call/text me if there’s questions or concerns about my clothes that they need to take care of. Now that’s what you call “ULTIMATE CUSTOMER SERVICE”


The swosh app helped me make the most of my time so I can use my laundry time into more “ME TIME.” And all it takes is just a little tap away.

You can now download the app on Google play and visit their Facebook app at https://www.facebook.com/swoshph for more updates and more. As a Christmas Gift, you can use this special code “AngelLoveSwosh” for FREE CONCIERGE FEE. Happy laundry booking with SWOSH APP.

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