Coffee World Regains Momentum with New Trends Taking Hold of Its Exciting Comeback


The coffee industry could not be expected to escape the global pandemic unscathed. It definitely went through and experienced setbacks. But as the world begins to reign over the effects of the crisis, the coffee world regains momentum with new trends taking hold of its exciting comeback.

The return to some semblance of normal made customers want authentic, high-quality blends and coffee beverages to be delivered to their doorsteps. Bo’s Coffee has been aggressively giving their customers exactly that in the last few years.

Ready-to-drink coffee all ready to take on the market

In 2018, when ready to drink coffee became one of the fastest growing market segments in Europe, Bo’s Coffee has already been working on its ICED BREWS. With RTD coffee known to be a healthier alternative to sodas, an overwhelming response to the new drink is helping fuel this market’s premium status.

Three variants are available today: Iced Brew Mocha, Iced Brew Macchiato and Iced Brew Latte already in stores and available for delivery. One can also avail of an assortment of flavored Iced Brew bottled coffee thoughtfully crafted and served in a glass bottle with its Iced Brew Sampler available online.


Specialty coffees is becoming increasingly, well, special

While most consumers still buy mainstream coffee blends, there’s quite a demand for high- quality coffee. Some reports align with socially conscious consumers looking for real experiences of brewing coffee, and will pay a premium for a good social story.

Bo’s Coffee has always been a proponent of the local coffee industry that every cup of our coffee celebrates and supports Philippine Coffee, partnering and adopting various coffee communities in the Philippine highlands where the best of Philippine Coffee is grown.

Such is the story behind the team of Kalsada Coffee, harvesting the season’s bounty of its single origin 100% Arabica Caliking Beans from the rich landscape of Sitio Kisbong in Atok, Benguet. Bo’s Coffee puts the spotlight on Philippine Coffee and prides itself of flavor profiles found in the Philippine highlands. Beans are sourced from the mountains of Sagada, Mt. Kitanglad, Mt. Matutum, Mt. Apo, and of course, Benguet where Caliking Beans will be wrapping up its harvest by the women-led team of Kalsada Coffee.

Coffee as a subscription


A burgeoning industry, the coffee subscription plan is where Bo’s Coffee sends coffee to your doorsteps. While this concept has been around for a few years, the lockdowns brought it forward as coffee fans looked for ways to get their coffee fix while stuck at home.

When one subscribes to Bo’s Coffee Subscription, receive a box delivery every first day of the month. The box contains 2 bags of Coffee Beans and a welcome kit detailing coffee origins, tasting notes, grind size, and brewing guide. Enjoy one flavor of coffee beans every month in this order: Atok, Ampucao, Sagada, Kitanglad, Matutum, and Apo. So, by the time the subscription needs to renew, you will have tasted the best coffee beans the Philippines can offer.

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