Bo’s Coffee Opens its Biggest and incredible Philippine Store in War-torn Marawi

Bo’s Coffee

Bo’s Coffee remains steadfast in uplifted the Filipino heritage. As it opens the biggest Philippine store in Marawi City in Mindanao, they embarks on a long-term commitment to the city’s post-war rehabilitation.

The grand 250-seater café is set to serve its signature coffee and favorites in the Philippine’s southern regions intending to translate these famously rich and homegrown flavors into warm hugs and doses of hope to a people continuing to rebuild Marawi.

With a whopping 882.56sqm floor space, the store concept and design carefully took into consideration and weaved in Marawi’s notable sense of connectedness to its community that is rich in spiritual and cultural histories. Inspirations were taken from the Sarimanok, the Malong and the Torogan House.

 Bo's Coffee

The legendary Sarimanok, a ubiquitous symbol of Maranao art lends its colors to the interiors with a subtle, playful approach. The fabric on the ceiling and walls instead of the usual furniture cover uses the Malong, the traditional garment of mainland Mindanao. The Torogan house traditionally symbolizing high social status, is reflected in the ceiling and bar counters in a modernized design approach. All these start and end with the 360-degree panoramic view of Marawi City.

 Bo's Coffee

While happiness is assured in a cup of Bo’s Coffee even in the direst of post-war situations, the brand’s presence in Marawi more importantly ensures the provision of employment and business opportunities in the area for a long-term period. In helping Marawi churn its economy, Bo’s Coffee provides its people long-term livelihood aside from world-class coffee experience.

 Bo's Coffee

For 27 years, Bo’s Coffee has promised its market delicious and homegrown products and it has been able to achieve such promise because of the richness and diversity of resources all over the Philippines. But in times of war and calami<es, the communities that serve as gatekeepers to these resources take the brunt of the damage and deserve long-term support from all sectors of society that get to use these resources.

 Bo's Coffee

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