#TeacherEats@BGC: 8 Cuts Burger Blends BGC (Groupie Review)

#TeacherEats@BGC: 8 Cuts Burger Blends BGC (Groupie Review)

Fast food is one of the quickest ways to get your burger fix. It usually happens after every church group gathering with some of my awesome youthful friends where we go around BGC to eat out on a Friday night. But for someone like me who’s limiting her beef/pork intake, burgers are usually unhealthy and fattening and I usually don’t eat foods that are loaded with preservatives.

8 Cuts Burger Blends is one of the newest burger restaurants I knew to be expensive in terms of their food items. When my Victory Group Leader asked us to meet last Wednesday, the place was 8 cuts. And for the first time, we had a taste of some of their dishes.


The restaurant has 7 branches in different parts of the metro. The BGC branch is pleasing to the eye. The interior speaks of a “retro-meets-modern-American” theme as we entered the establishment. The place is spacious and can accommodate large group gatherings without crowding. It is well-ventilated even when our seats are just a few meters away from the open kitchen area and the smell of the resto is just right. The staff is friendly, hospitable and they move on the double! They’re also polite and fun to talk to.

image-3380b8ca3a1cfda35f5889fe0299604f7e741ea7fbb480f52922297e85915346-V (2)

11198835_10205405779636626_1745226882_n(1)image-7bcc90bb7f300900f307950ded43a01d2e79731eb96d7432f588a09891cf9a75-V (2)THE FOOD

image-c338d9edccba6b3ff1dc929f53092a7ecdbec917567d6bc5e4cc855b603ddac8-V (2)The menu has a lot more to offer than just the basic burger/cheeseburger. Their name is “8 Cuts Burger Blends” because the 8 cuts of beef used in the 5 custom blends – chuck, rib eye, short rib, sirloin, brisket, hanger, flank, and oxtail. Well, that would explain why there are so many burger patties to choose from! You can even customize your own burger meal based on your personal taste preference.

image-a8ab0bfa97a0bd872b367a54b5d4eea369d3d3cb0a7513c1f37f6a6963569762-V (2)Since this is our first time, most of us decided to order their “Classic Burger #3″.  The size of the burger is just too big for a lady to eat by herself (unless you’re a fan of big burgers). It may look ordinary compared to the ones at the usual burger joints, but the taste of the patty is really good. The beef patty tastes juicy, flavorful and lean-to-the-bite without any condiments whatsoever. It doesn’t have any of that “umay” effect on my stomach because it is pure beef, making it very fulfilling for my lady’s tummy. For the record, that’s the only kind of beef burger I can eat.

image-e5338a57f656fe7754bde84fa19bb2a82108021a9d6021744bc144d1941fc5d0-V (2)

Classic Burger #3  155 pesos  (1/4)

Their onion rings might be the best onion rings ever. Everyone’s enjoying it because of its big size, non-greasy onion taste and unlike other onion rings we’ve ever tried, this one passed the taste buds test with its flavorful taste.

image-b1cbbb3d8c6033a3ad10a90da81a176ec7378d7775e8fbe5820c3778b2e7e04c-V (2)

These Skinny Fries for me is the thin version of McDonald’s French fries and I can tell by the aroma and taste. But unlike McDo’s fries, they’re not greasy and they’re less airy inside so I can still bite the full potato texture of the fries.


Everyone loves desserts! We were thrilled to see our desserts served in mason jars. Not only are they cute, but desserts in mason jars are fit for sharing moments such as this one. I can tell that the fruits and the rest of the ingredients are fresh and flavorful. Like the Caramel Vanilla Bread Pudding and Blueberry Cheesecake. These are the kind of the desserts that make you want to ignore what you have just eaten earlier and dig in with your friends!

image-c6be7c3c8f899b1818e8eb590e1fc84a057f72529a6645e547fc78d05dc9722b-V (2)

Blueberry Cheese Cake.


It was a bit pricey for me especially for those who may be on a budget. The classic burger alone cost about Php 155 already and I find it a bit heavy for a burger. But considering the quality, the servings of the food were big and good. So I guess it’s kind of reasonable as well to pay such an amount for a serving like theirs.


With our food experience: (1-10 Teacher Points)

THE INTERIOR:      8 Teacher Points

THE FOOD:            8.5 Teacher Points

THE SERVICE:        8.5 Teacher Points

THE PRICE:             7 Teacher Points

THE SERVICE:         8.5 Teacher Points

OVERALL:               9 TEACHER POINTS!

The food was very good. The Ambiance and the Service were very good as well. And despite the food being pricey, I can tell that this is a Burger Restaurant worth visiting.

To know more about the Restaurant, just go to their website:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/8cutsburgerblends

Website: http://momentgroup.ph/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/8cutsburgerblends/

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