Lumina Homes’ 3 Tips to Set Up a Simple, Serene Home Corner for Holy Week

Lumina Homes

Lumina Homes has been promoting healthy home ambiance. And For 2 years in lockdown have shown us that home is the best place for rest for the mind, body, and soul. As Holy Week is fast approaching and gas prices rising, staying home becomes an even more wise and practical option.

For current and future Lumina Homes homeowners, having a solemn and revigorating lent season is accessible and attainable with every Filipino’s thoughtfully designed homes and environments. Lumina Home properties are also strategically located and near plenty of places of worship

“We in Lumina Homes are committed to going beyond what is expected of an affordable housing community. We will continue to maximize its developments’ potential in providing residents the quality home and life they deserve,” Engr. Joemi Tan, Division Head of Lumina Homes, said. 

With this, how do you create a slice of serenity right inside your Lumina home? Here are three things to consider:

  • Find a space where you feel at peace

Prayer corners and rooms are often found in gardens, hallways, or a spot in the main bedroom. But you don’t have to stick to these three. The best thing to do is to go around your house and find a space that speaks to you–one where you feel most grounded and at peace.

  • Refresh the space and set the atmosphere

Once you find the spot, refresh the space. Perhaps you can clean and dust off corners or change its color to make it feel more light and welcoming. If it’s in your Lumina Homes’ lush garden, you can sweep dried leaves or keep brooms and gardening tools that could distract you. 

  • Furnish the space with items that help you reconnect with the Creator

Now that the place is a blank canvas, you can furnish the space with items that allow you to pray and reconnect peacefully. 

First, know that you should not feel pressured to adorn it. Spend some time praying in it with only with essentials first like a bible, a rosary, a crucifix, or a prayer book. As you frequent the space, you will know what additional items you can put in. Some people place speakers to play ambient music.

Others like putting dim lights, prayer mats, or a photo frame of people and family members they pray for frequently.

Lumina Homes

In your Lumina Homes, you won’t have a hard time finding a space that will move your prayer from the head to the heart as each property is built to provide middle-income Filipino families their ultimate dream home.

Your dream home awaits at Lumina Homes. Visit https://www.lumina.com.ph/ today.

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