Teacher Eats: Love Eating Desserts at Love Desserts

Teacher Eats: Love Eating Desserts at Love Desserts

For a ULTIMATE dessert lover like me, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for desserts. For every feast or food gathering, desserts are my top priority even to the point of having it more than the main course dish. Now talk about being a dessert obsess.

Teacher Eats: Love Eating Desserts at Love Desserts

When my blogger friends took me last Saturday in a place called “Love Desserts”, I felt like I am loved and blessed just hearing the name of the dessert buffet. Known as the “First and Original Dessert Buffet in the Philippines”, this restaurant has two branches in Quezon City (Fairview and Banawe) and its still growing. And because ITS A DESSERT BUFFET, people are so astounded and excited to visit and indulge with their specialties. What makes Love Desserts to be my sweet choice? Here’re my insights:


The moment I enter the place, desserts are already flashing in my sight. The cleanliness of their dessert station is astounding because personally, I tend to lose my appetite when a buffet or the food is not properly prepared. And seeing the arrangement of desserts dishes from cakes to mini cups, the buffet section is so appealing to look at.

Teacher Eats: Love Eating Desserts at Love Desserts

Teacher Eats: Love Eating Desserts at Love Desserts DSC08616

The interior design and the theme of the place are perfectly aligned to what their tagline is all about. Though the branch is a bit small for big group gatherings, this place is still cozy and accessible to stay in. There’re also some bulletin boards where you can put your love message to someone or a shoutout for everyone to see.

DSC08612 DSC08610


For the desserts, they almost have EVERYTHING I LOVE from cakes and tarts to cupcakes and brownies. Looking at the desserts, they’re all look so good to eat indulge with. And I am not wrong with this one.


Teacher Eats: Love Eating Desserts at Love Desserts DSC08606

DSC08600 DSC08603

They also have crepe station and halo-halo station where you can make your own version of halo-halo and crepes! But don’t get me wrong. All of their desserts are not “too sweet” nor “nakaka umay” to eat, everything has its right balance. So it’s easy for you to go for more rounds of sweets without the compromise.


Teacher Eats: Love Eating Desserts at Love Desserts

DSC08605 DSC08602

Surprisingly, they also serving some “anti-umay” dishes for the weak tummies out there who can’t take too many sweets (nachos, rice porridge, empanadas, etc.)


The staff and owner of Love Desserts are the sweetest in terms of service and surprises. They are all knowledgeable when it comes to their products from the preparations, what is the best-sellers, etc. It gave me a confidence to speak half of the details in this blog because of their help (thanks guys!). The fast and precise movement of their service was something I can come back at my future visits.


For ONLY 199 pesos (no leftover, no sharing policy), this buffet make my dream dessert indulgence into a reality, even cheaper than the others. Location aside, the restaurant buffet has something unique to offer for us that makes me convince to go back: GOOD QUALITY DESSERTS THAT’S WORTH REMEMBERING.


Pic courtesy by Love Desserts Facebook Page

THE RESULT (1-10 Teacher Points)






Love Desserts really got me to sweet tooth wonderland. And for dessert lovers at all levels, Love Desserts is one of the places you love to go during cheat days or if you’re craving for more sweetness in life. It’s indeed a sweet experience and I would love to come back soon <3


Picture courtesy by Triple Joys. Thanks <3

Love Desserts (Banawe Branch)
915 Banawe Street
Quezon City, Philippines
Tel. no.(02) 239 0745

Pic courtesy by Love Desserts Facebook Page

Pic courtesy by Love Desserts Facebook Page

For more updates and insights about Love Desserts, you can visit them at their facebook https://www.facebook.com/Love-Desserts

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