How GCash Scan-To-Pay Help you Buy your Protective Essentials


In this pandemic, GCash has been a helping tool for cashless transactions when purchasing health essentials, bill payments and more. For we have to be careful in what we contact with especially when we’re outside, isn’t it?

Practicing proper hygiene has been taught to us by our parents and teachers, a practice that all of us should keep doing whether there is a pandemic or not. Our invisible enemy is just around the corner and we should always have to protect ourselves, keep ourselves healthy and strong and this rainy season we must stock up on medicines and hygienic needs. Especially now that the number of COVID cases keeps going up. 

To keep protecting ourselves from health threats here are a list of must haves for everyone: 

1.Antibacterial soap. Germs are invisible and even if some of us are staying home, we still can’t get away with them. It is important that we wash ourselves with antibacterial soap. Use antibacterial soap when you wash your hands and your body, this helps get rid of the germs you have gathered from outside. 

2. Sanitizing gels or Alcohol. Hand sanitizers used to be ignored and alcohols used to be just for cleaning wounds, but since the spread of the virus, it has become essential for everyone when we go out for a grocery run or to withdraw money. It is important to sanitize our hands every time we touch an object to kill the germs that have lingered in our skin.

3. Disinfectant spray. The surfaces we constantly touch everyday, items delivered to our homes, the things we’ve bought at the grocery store have germs that we obviously don’t see. A good practice we have followed is spraying disinfectant on items we brought home or we have delivered and let it sit out for a maximum of four days before bringing it inside our home. This to make sure that we have actually killed the germs. Also, use disinfectant spray when cleaning your tables or kitchen counter top to keep it germ free. 


4. Medicines. Rainy season is here and so is the cold and cough season. Headaches, toothaches and all the other aches occur unexpectedly and we should always be ready to relieve the pain. It is important to stock up on medicines, such as paracetamols, ibuprofen, mefenamic acids, muscle pain patches and most importantly vitamins to boost and make our immune system strong and fight the viruses that come in our body.  

5. Facemasks. The most important must not be forgotten when we go out of our homes these days, facemask. In other countries it has been their practice, with pandemic or not, to wear a mask especially when they are sick or if someone in the office is sick. Now with the virus still spreading, we must protect ourselves and others by wearing a facemask. It takes getting used to in the beginning of quarantine, but now it is our new normal to never forget to wear a mask when we go outside. 

GCash Scan-To-Pay for Cashless Transactions

Stock up on these items and purchase them in the nearest Watsons, Mercury Drug or South Star Drug store near you. And do you know what’s good when purchasing essentials from this store? They accept cashless payments. You can pay for your purchase by using the GCash Scan-To-Pay feature. Just scan the QR code, enter the exact amount and you are done. Cashless payment is now encouraged as this lessens physical contact and transmission to other people. 

The world is not yet safe, but we must believe that this too shall pass. For more updates about cashless payment, download GCash via Google App and Apple Store.

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