Geeky and Techie: 5 Things You need to know about OPPO F5 Camera Phone

We millennial knew how to roll with our smartphone more than just calls/texts: social media, fast gaming speed, and awesome selfies. With all the smartphones out there, it’s really hard to choose what buy and keep for a long run. Today, let me help you choose a phone for you. Let’s start with this OPPO F5 Camera Phone.


It launched last year but it keeps on creating a buzz all over town. With the successful outcome of their dual-selfie camera or the term “groupie” (which they made famous) through OPPO F3, they’re now creating new heights towards camera technology with this new phone. But more than just the new camera features, there’s so much more you need to know about this new hip phone.

1. The Full-screen LCD is flawless.

With its slim body and sleek full-screen features, it can use as a fashion statement with any OOTD. Its smooth battery build-in structure makes it so easy to carry, but too slippery for people with sweaty palms like me. Suggestions: buy a hard case for OPPO that’s made available at their concept store for protection and safety.

Good thing about the sleek phone design is their SIM card slot (dual SIM slot) and Micro SD slot combined in one small metal case. They made it easy for me to access my SIM card (the phone however need to restart for the SIM card to read easily). 


2. They make it easy (but very secure) to open the phone

The new thing about this phone is their “facial unlock” feature of the phone that makes it easy for me to open it without swiping nor typing any passcode. They also put a “fingerprint unlock” system behind the phone (near the rear camera) for more phone access without the hassle. But if you think that it will make the phone less protective/secure, think again. Because OPPO makes sure that security will not compromise with its more comprehensive technology.

3. The processor is fast, but need more improvement.

I’m a type of person that likes to do multi-tasking things with their phone. Apps like social media, games and even online watch apps like Netflix, iwanttv.com are things that need hardcore processor. With the 2.5 GHz octa-core processor and 4GB RAM of OPPO F5, I can say that it can survive my hardcore apps, even if I open it simultaneously.

The processor might be fast at first few months of using it, but it tends to lag and hang for gaming apps that are high in specs. And I think that the 4 GB RAM is not big enough to sustain some apps that needed auto-updates. It also tends to eat too much data for apps compared to other smartphones. Hopefully, they upgrade their processor soon.

4. The battery life is very impressive.

For hardcore social media user like me, the battery life is one of my essential factor in smartphones. After using the phone for 2 weeks, I learned to appreciate its long battery life. It also has “battery-saver” features that can make sure that the phone will not consume any battery life even if it’s in standby mode. As for charging, it improved to be faster with slightly “2 hours” charging time.

5. The camera is sooooo good (even in the dark)

When I say “even in the dark,” the 16MP rear of OPPO F5 can stand dark or dim night photo shots unlike to other smartphones. It’s performance-wise features of the camera can produce rich, vibrant and crisp photos that are very #InstagramWorthy. The “Expert” setting of the phone makes it possible for me to take pictures like a pro. And with its other camera features like HDR, Timelapse, Panorama and Ultra HD mode, 2x digital zoom, filters, watermark, in-depth effect, Beauty and Camera shape (standard, square, full screen), you will not run out of ideas in taking creative pictures. Taking videos with this phone is also super. It can adapt to any dim or bright environment without blurry video results.

The 20MP of the selfie/front camera of OPPO F5 is something that’s revolutionary. At first, I was worried because they removed the famous “dual selfie (wide-angle) camera to this new phone. But it gave way for it shot “real pictures” without messing up the facial features of the person. The secret? It’s in their “A.I Beautification Technology” that makes the facial features of the picture less fake, but more real.

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