Geeky and Techie: My Honest Review for iPhoneX (Non Techie Review)

Have you seen the new iPhone X? With all the iPhone releases, I personally don’t have an “awe” experience with it from the very beginning. As an ordinary person, there are only fewer features I look for a phone that can help me with my daily needs. As long as I can call, text, use social media apps and upload beautiful pictures, I’m good. Now as our technology constantly improve, so did I should go with it, especially now as a blogger and a social media influencer.


So now they’re releasing the new iPhone X it on sale to the public, let me share my “unboxing moments” I had with this phone and talk about my personal reviews about it. For the record, I’m not a techie blogger to give too many technical terms about anything. But the goal of this article is to show how an ordinary person like me can relate to this phone in a “layman’s term” and to know whether if it is worth your money or not.




The first thing I notice is their simple packaging. Once you open the packaging, you will immediately see the phone, small phone feature manual, headset with the splinter, charging cable and port.


When you open this phone for the first time, you have to remember 2 things: your iCloud account and your micro SIM card. It took me about 5 minutes to do every step before I even go to the main menu. You can’t register without any SIM card in place and a decent Wi-Fi connection to connect your iCloud account (which I don’t have by the way.) As you register, the phone has a “face recognition technology” that can use as a password access to open the phone. This technology is not new to everyone since other smartphones are already using this feature.


As you explore the main menu of the phone, you will notice that the circle menu tab is no longer there. You can now access to tabs at the upper left side of the phone. For you to go back to the main menu, you have to slide your finger upward to the below part of the phone; another feature that is already used by other smartphones.



What’s new with this phone is their camera settings. The filters of the phone are now located below on the image screen that makes it easier for you to choose your desired filter. They also had the “studio” camera section that shows different camera features (bokeh, contour, focus, beauty, etc.) And with its dual camera at the back, it’s easy to take crisp and precise pictures better than their previous units.


Original selfie mode of iPhone X.


Different beauty portrait mode/features of iPhoneX.

The processor is the fastest of all the iPhone was released (in my opinion). It can cater to hard heavy apps that demand a high RAM storage. I just notice how the phone can easily heat after 20 minutes of use. And with the full-glass body of the phone, I can tell that it can easily break with my clumsy hands. Suggestion: buy a hardcore phone case and screen protector.



As an ordinary person, I believe that having an iPhone X is something that will UPGRADE someone’s lifestyle. With the very pricey cost of P64,900 (64GB)/P73,990 (256GB) pesos, strongly suggest better find a phone that’s close to iPhone X than spend too much money to a hype phone like this one. In a perspective of a “nontechie blogger,” this phone is something I CANNOT AFFORD, but if I want to get my A-game for #InstagramWorthy pictures and heavy-duty office tasks, this phone is worth to invest (I just hope that it will last long in my clumsy hands hehe.)


Thanks Widget City for this opportunity to review and enjoy using this phone. I will not hesitate if you will give this phone as Christmas gift hehe. For more features of this phone, kindly watch the vlog I made at my Facebook page: Love,Teacher Angel.

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