GrabFood Best Filipino Food Recommendations for National Independence Day


GrabFood empowers Filipinos to celebrate National Independence Day with a gastronomical experience in the comfort of our home. For nothing unites us better than what food. Filipino food has been what makes us who we are after all. Wherever we go, when a foreigner recognizes us as Filipinos, they can easily identify us because of our chicken adobo, sisig, and more. 

This weekend, you can order from these famous Filipino food establishments that will make you love your Filipino heritage. And of course, leading everyday super app Grab stands alongside Filipinos in celebrating Independence Day by supporting many of our beloved and very own Filipino merchants on GrabFood. For more recommendations, here are some of the restaurants you can try: 



Who doesn’t love the “Pambansang Lechon Manok” in the country? All of us can agree that there’s no other rotisserie chicken than Andoks. Their chicken is so tender, moist, and savory, there’s no doubt people love to serve this either regularly and every celebration. The best part, their lechon baka is a must-try as well.

Cafe Mary Grace 


Mary Grace has been the staple restaurant for our titos and titas of Manila who want to chill and have a good time. In this new normal, you can still enjoy ordering their famous all-day breakfast meals, pasta dishes, and desserts like tiramisu, ensaymada, and more while you’re in the comfort of your home. 

Sinangag Express


Enjoy your all-day breakfast rice meals and more with Sinangag Express’s best varieties of dishes. Since Filipinos are so in love with rice, this is an awesome way to keep in touch with your tapsilog and more Filipino food. 



Manam has been so famous for its unusual twist on Filipino food. No wonder the restaurant before the lockdown is always filled with people. With GrabFood, you can still have your favorite Sisig, Watermelon Sinigang, and of their Filipino dishes, it feels like you’re still dining in outside. 

Mang Inasal


No doubt many Filipino love their Mang Inasal Chicken Inasal with chicken oil, soy sauce w/ calamansi, and UNLI RICE! On this independence day, you can celebrate your love for rice and Filipino barbeque goodness with Mang Inasal. You will surely enjoy eating your inasal chicken, Filipino style. 

Wherever you are, GrabFood always ensures there is something for everyone’s local taste. You can now celebrate every celebration with Filipino Cuisine that fits your taste and well delivered to your home fresh and hot. Download the Grab app now and Celebrate Independence Day with GrabFood. 

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