Industry Leaders Walk the Talk at Emerging UBP Xcellerator PeopleTech Webinar

UBP Xcellerator

UBP Xcellerator Program of the Union Bank of the Philippines once again revolutionized virtual learning with the 5th episode of UBP Xcellerator Gamechangers PeopleTech: Teching Up the Workforce of the Future. Close to 200 participants from the academe, government agencies, private companies, and job seekers attended the webinar last September 24, 2020, via Zoom. 

UBP Xcellerator

It has been six months since the pandemic forcibly disrupted the workplace. Businesses have closed, people lost their jobs, and some are struggling with job security. Companies all over the world have proven that there is no cookie-cutter approach to teching-up the workplace. But with early adoption and constant experimentation, some companies have started to champion PeopleTech. But what is it, and why does it matter now more than ever? 

PeopleTech is an advocacy that focuses on building capabilities and skills, equipping the workforce of the future. PeopleTech: Teching Up the Workforce of the Future featured Michelle Rubio, Chief Human Resource Officer of Union Bank of the Philippines, and Anj Vera, CEO of Talentview. Both leaders shared their companies’ best practices and learning about business continuity, leadership, adaptability, and capability building. Migs Bustos, ABS-CBN Sports Anchor, moderated the program. 

It has been six (6) months since the lockdown was implemented. Some companies have fully adjusted and shifted to work-from-home arrangements, some are on blended work, and others are easing back into the workplace while following the safety protocols. Here the key takeaways about capability building, adapting to change, and establishing trust to help us carry on in now normal from the PeopleTech webinar:

UBP Xcellerator: Focus on Capability Building and Learn New Skills

According to Anj Vera, we need to understand, learn, and integrate ourselves with technology fast. And if we do, we would be able to cope and thrive in this now normal. She also shared that the essential skills in the now normal are:

  • Adaptability – You have to embrace the change. This is forced digital disruption, which is something you have to adapt to.
  • Cognitive flexibility – How quick are you to learn something new or adjust what you already know?
  • Leadership – Leadership is key, and first person you lead is yourself.

UBP Xcellerator: Help People Who Resist Change

As part of an organization that champions the agile ways of working and advocates PeopleTech, Michelle Rubio shares insights on how we can help other people adapt to the changes and adopt a shift in mindset to effectively tech up the workplace, “At the workplace, we have to democratize learning and encourage people as much as they can to learn different skills.” While for Anj, “Experience, education, and exposure,” are the essentials when introducing change.

UBP Xcellerator: Hot Skills of the Now Normal

Whether you want to learn a new skill or take a refresher, these are the skills of the future that you may want to add on your list:

Data Analytics

By understanding data, you do not just look at data for what it is; you must piece the puzzle to get the bigger picture and relate a story out of it. 

Content Creation

Creating content, developing videos, graphics, and writing content that people will consume.

Analytical thinking and innovation

Being a visionary and a forward thinker is critical in solving critical problems and creating rational decisions that may impact our day-to-day lives in these unprecedented times. 

 Do you want to get more insights on PeopleTech? Visit https://ubpxcellerator.apptitude.xyz/ and know more about UBP Xcellerator’s course offerings and free webinars.

UBP Xcellerator is a one-stop learning resource that offers various on-demand learning programs and learning pathways aligned to digital capability building and emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, API, and more. Aligned with the bank’s higher purpose to tech up the Philippines, the program offers free webinars bi-monthly covering various topics that advocate upskilling and retooling to future-proof the Filipinos.

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