Maja Salvador’s Awesome Self-Care Routine with Bobbie Nails Ultra Shine

Maja Salvador

Maja Salvador is one person who made a point of taking care of herself during these stressful times. “I saw the pandemic as an opportunity to pause and ponder on how we may all better care for ourselves. I doubled up on my exercise routines, ate healthy food, loaded on sleep and vitamins, and kept a healthy and steady state of mind,” she says.

As an actress, Maja still goes to shoots and makes regular TV appearances. When she’s not on set, she practices gratitude for all the blessings and keeps a positive outlook by not letting stressors get to her. She also loves giving herself a manicure using Bobbie Nails Ultra Shine as part of her self-care routine.

“Believe me when I say that I bring my Bobbie Nails Ultra Shine colors everywhere I go. Because I love changing the colors of my nails every now and then, depending on my mood or my OOTD,” she shares. “Whether I am in my car traveling to the next location for work, or on break times during tapings, or on rest days at home, I do my own nails and I enjoy it.”

The actress also emphasizes how Bobbie Nails products are easy to use, have 12 new shades, and are of high-quality yet affordable. The Ultra Shine collection, in particular, has a vibrant color payoff and glossy finish to add a glamorous touch to one’s hands. It also comes in a long-lasting, high-coverage gel formula.

Maja Salvador
Whether she’s on set or traveling for shoots, Maja says she loves “changing the colors of my nails every now and then, depending on my mood or my OOTD.”

Aside from dressing up her nails, Maja keeps her hands healthy with cleansers, moisturizers, and sunblock too.

Empowering women to look and feel good

Now, more than ever, women turn to beauty products to look and feel their best even if they’re just at home. Something as simple as a nightly face mask, a bit of lipstick, or a fresh coat of nail polish are enough to build one’s confidence.

As the newest endorser of Bobbie Nails who’s known for empowering other women, Maja says it’s just as important to lift others up and to recognize their efforts.

“I’ve always been one to cheer on anyone who strives hard to make themselves feel good and empowered at all times. I empower them by complimenting them on all their efforts to boost their confidence, encourage them to always be the best version of themselves, and to unashamedly promote self love,” she says.

With affordable and accessible products like Bobbie Nails Ultra Shine, every woman will feel glam anytime, anywhere.

For those who want to start maintaining a healthy lifestyle and positive outlook during this time, Maja has some encouraging words: “Go girl! Keep it together always and come out stronger!”

The Bobbie Nails Ultra Shine Collection is available on Bobbie’s Lazada flagship store, drug stores, and supermarkets.

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