Teacher Insights: Life tips to move forward in the time of COVID-19

Teacher Insights: Life tips to move forward in the time of COVID-19

Because of Enhanced Community Quarantine caused by COVID-19 pandemic, all of us are tied into uncertainties and many families members are far away to each other. Self-quarantine and social distancing can bring down the iron wall for those who have families in far-flung areas. While public gatherings and celebrations are cancelled, the ties of the Filipino family are stronger than calamities and maladies.

While there are restrictions set-in-place, who said we can’t make this experience fun and productive for you and your family? Here are some tips to help you make the best out of this situation.

  • Take the quarantine seriously

Going home to provinces may actually be more dangerous than staying at home as you risk carrying the virus into an otherwise Ncov-free community. The first line of defense is discipline and presence of mind in trying times like this. Airports, bus terminals, and exit points of the city can easily be the petri dish for the virus. Trust us, your family would want you away and safe than close and endangering everyone! 

  • Maintain an open line

Nothing causes panic more than not knowing so keep your families updated on your situation. Take that video call to check in on how they are doing; allot your patience into repeating the same details to each of your titas. Appreciate your mother reminding you to wash your hands every thirty minutes; or Facetime with your bunso to ease your homesickness. Telcos are promising a speed bump on their services to ensure everyone stays connected and have a more seamless workflow.

  • Show your loved ones you care across borders

Malls are temporarily closed down and only the necessary establishments are in operation. This means that your family’s supplies might fall short–with a bigger household and everyone staying in– one of the ways to let them know you care is to surprise them with a nice care package. TNVS are still on the road but if your family is outside the metro, reliable courier services like LBC still offer their services. Another option that you may want to explore is LBC’s Instant Peso Padala, where one can drop by on their select operating stores and send money to the province. Staying at home should not equate to feeling paralyzed and helpless to reach your family.

(Our insider tip: Some of your friends might not have the kitchen skills to keep themselves afloat during this quarantine. You can send them groceries as well and they’ll thank you for it).

  • Plan Ahead

With workplace disruptions and work-from-home set-up made available by companies nationwide, probably this is also the time to wear your digital hat on and explore the possibilities of earning money while staying at home. Since everything is going digital nowadays, it might be the perfect time to declutter and set-up your own mini business. Organize your closet and find stuff you would want to sell online. Who knows? LBC is also ready for you to make someone’s day by delivering your pre-loved items.  Maybe the money you earn can also be a fundraising activity to help an organization in this trying time.

We should do our best to take part in initiatives that will benefit our society as a whole. While movements are restricted, let’s find ways to continue moving forward as a community to fight COVID-19. Stay indoors! Don’t risk the safety of your loved ones.

Logistics play an important role in our daily lives. Filipinos all over the world deserve a reliable and trusted service to depend on at this most difficult times. LBC is your partner to help you move things forward with you, your family and business.

For the latest updates on LBC’s services, visit https://www.lbcexpress.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/LBCExpress/.

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