Teacher Eats: What Makes “Studio Bake” the NEW Artisan Bread worth-loving?

Who wants an Artisan bread every morning? I’m not a morning person but I’m happy when I eat a fancy bread every brunch time. In Festival Mall, where’s there’s many emerging restaurant and establishments, there’s a new Artisan Bakeshop that offers tasty and convenient bread within your reach.


Studio Bake just opened last week and it’s already receiving praises because of it’s artisan bread that will not destroy your budget (except your diet if you eat too much). What makes this new bake shop so worth the visit? here are the points I can share to you.

    • They produce bread before the sun comes up. Everything starts from a fresh batch. Kneaded, rolled, baked then displayed in the bread gallery for everyone to appreciate and enjoy. 
    • When you say bread, it doesn’t mean its boring. Their bread ranges from sweet to artisanal. There is something for everyone to bite into. 


    • The Artisan Bakery was a family business that has been in the food industry for the past 20 years. They love the idea of bringing people together over delicious baked goods for simple yet meaningful moments. Well, I can tell that it shows to their bread. 
    • Their bakers are as talented as they are passionate about their craft. 


  • It’s so convenient to buy and less the cost, you can buy more as “pasalubong everyday” without breaking the bank.

Studio Bake love it when customers walk out of the store with big bags of bread and big smiles. They are committed to bringing them the best service and the fresh, most delicious bread that is easy on the budget and can be enjoyed daily. 


Now don’t take it from me, Find them at the Upper Ground, Expansion Wing, Festival Mall, Alabang and seek the Home of good baking at Studio bake. You can check us out to our website, www.studiobake.com.ph You can follow us and like us on Instagram and Facebook @StudioBakePh

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