Teacher Insights: Let Jollibee Make You “Have Faith In Love” this Valentine’s Season

Teacher Insights: Let Jollibee Make You "Have Faith In Love" this Valentine's Season

All of us have our own seasons in love. There’s summer love, rainy heartbreak, winter loneliness and also spring beginnings. Whatever season you’re in, Jollibee reminds us in this phrase that will encourage you: HAVE FAITH IN LOVE.

And this Valentine’s Day, Jollibee returns with a new set of heartwarming Kwentong Jollibee episodes that will remind viewers to keep their faith in love, showcasing how it always prevails in spite of heartbreaks, rejections, and challenges that come along. 

Why Have faith in love?

Last year, Jollibee took Valentine’s Day by storm and inspired millions of Filipinos to believe in the power of love with the 2018 Kwentong Jollibee Valentine’s Day episodes – “Homecoming,” “Signs,” and “Status”—which pooled in 167 million in reach on Facebook, and hit over 63 million views on both Facebook and YouTube.

It was also the only Philippine brand to make it as a finalist at the New York Festivals International Advertising Awards in 2018, in the Creative Marketing Effectiveness category.

Following last year’s success, the 2019 Kwentong Jollibee Valentine’s Series narrates wonderful stories of individuals who have found the courage to love again and those who have persevered for the sake of love.

Teacher Insights: Let Jollibee Make You "Have Faith In Love" this Valentine's Season

“Choice” revolves around the story of Ann, a young woman who is torn between two men in her life. Sharing intimate moments with her long-time best friend Paul, she also begins to find comfort in a new companion—Jay, a co-worker who inspire her to discover a different side of herself. The episode directed by Ianco dela Cruz concludes with Ann making a defining choice, looking to the past with gratitude and embracing the hope for love.

Another tale of love lost and found again, “Proposal” follows the story of Hans, a young man ready to spend forever with the love of his life. In an unexpected turn of events, his fairytale is shattered and he faces the challenge of rebuilding himself. Little by little, he picks himself back up with help from unexpected places. Directed by Joel Ruiz, the episode is all about starting over and choosing to love once again.   

Director Pepe Diokno narrates a battle fought for love with “Anniversary”. Jason’s pursuit of a successful career spells trouble for his long-term relationship with Claire. Devoting his energy and passion to his work, he starts to take Claire for granted. Should Jason and Claire fight for their love or are they meant to go their separate ways?

Teacher Insights: Let Jollibee Make You "Have Faith In Love" this Valentine's Season

Watch the three #KwentongJollibee shorts on Jollibee Studios at www.youtube.com/user/jollibeedigital1 or on Jollibee’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/JollibeePhilippines.

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