Teacher Insights: Summer Must-Haves to look at Shopee PH

As you notice in my previous social media post, it’s easy to see how I flow to become a “summer baby,” dipping at the sun. I love being at outdoors and catch the cool wind of beaches and nature. In this present environment situation, some of us don’t even want to see and touch the ray of the hot sun. And I can’t blame you for that. With all the hassle and the buzz of the traffic system, humid and stressful pollution, it’s hard to enjoy summer season, especially summer shopping. How can you enjoy shopping if its hot outside and the malls are too crowded?


That’s why this awesome Shopee PH App came along. The happiness that this app gave to me for the past 2 years never fail to give me good ideas for my summer essentials. For this summer season, I would like to share with you some “Summer Must-Haves” to look at Shopee PH and see how this app helps you with all the summer dilemmas you have.


Not all makeup is applicable in the humid and hot summer weather. You have to choose a good makeup palette so you can enjoy this summer, “kikay-gorgeous.” These products from BLK Cosmetics, Lifeford Paris Matte Lover, and Milea Organic are some of my recommended makeup essentials that you can find at Shopee. If you want to have summer-ready tools without makeup complications, shopee is your BFF.


For every adventure I’d been through, I make sure that I bring my “back-up” gadgets with me to make sure that none of my good moments will out of sight. A good power bank is your life-saver for long-lasting use of our gadgets. No more memory storage? A BIG memory card storage or hard drive is a good friend for more “making memories” moments. Shopee is a SAFE PLACE for you to get these gadgets because of their “Shopee Guarantee” seal, give you a peace of mind buying these gadgets.


I experienced having a sunburn and different skin complications because of the pollution summer creates. So an effective skincare is A MUST to make sure that our skin will STAY HEALTHY and GORGEOUS in all seasons, especially summer. I recommend the following products and share how these things help me have good skin:

– Moisturizers

The heat and pollution of the sun can make our hair and skin dry, stripping off all its natural ingredients. We have to renew the moisture of our skin and hair by buying very good moisturizers and hair care products.

– Serums

Why serums? With all the moisturizers and cleansers, serums are one of the effective ways fast skin recovery when we encounter skin dryness, sunburn, etc.


For more relaxing and pure ambiance in our home, I suggest that you buy colorful and efficient tools and organizers to make your stuff organized in place. It can be based on your personality and references. For as long as your home is well-organized, it will make your summer more pleasing not just in the eye but also in our well-being.


Don’t leave home OR go to the beach without checking at your OOTD. Make sure that it will make you comfortable throughout the day. Choose a right type of fabric that will release coolness and light feeling wherever you go. Color patterns, prints, and design are the key factor as well to choose the right clothing for you to be “cool for the summer,” the best way.

Well, I suggest that you don’t just take my word for it. Get your smartphone now and download Shopee. You will never go wrong with your choices, the same way that I did. Now go and shop on!

Not yet Convinced? HERE’S A TREAT FOR YOU!

If you’re not convinced yet with Shopee, I want to give you the chance to try this shopping app firsthand with a sweet and loving summer, treat courtesy of yours truly. I invite you to check out https://shopee.ph/ your browser (You can also download the app on google play or AppStore through your phone). Use this code as your “promo code” for you to avail the FREE PHP80 OFF for your FIRST PURCHASE.


The voucher can be used on all Shopee guarantee products. A minimum spends of PhP400 is required.

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