Teacher Reads: Learning Today, Teaching the Future

Teacher Reads: Learning Today, Teaching the Future

Learning. It´s a lifelong process, it never ceases, always evolves. Take a look at the learning environments we have today, in the 21st century: equipped with the latest advancements in technology produced by the 4th Industrial Revolution, anyone can learn just about anything with the vast resources available digitally, available at the tap of a screen or the click of a button. The question that remains, however, is how we got here and where we are going next.

Nowadays, young learners have become independent, dynamic, and self-directed, an effect of how technology has broken the previous barriers and limitations of traditional education. This is an innovative disruption in the field of education, but an education does not consist merely of learning skills or rote theories and sets of information; rather, educating the whole child seeks to challenge learners to think critically and solve problems, producing results and solutions that benefit not just the society they´re in but also the world at large, in a global village that responds to the signs of times.

Looking back at how and where learning began, thousands of years ago, from ancient societies to medieval universities, we realize this: that a tender, guiding hand works wonders when one takes the first steps of the learning process, human wonders which can never be replaced with machine automation or artificial intelligence. Living with a passion, challenging thoughts, inspiring with wisdom: that´s what teachers are and that´s how they always will be for generations of learners to come.

Teachers have always been there to help us understand and absorb not just school lessons, but also lessons in life which we carry and cherish as we grow wiser. A teacher´s commitment and dedication for their work is something that cannot be surpassed or supplanted by technology, it is a language that young learners know and feel: the language of a teaching heart.

At REX Book Store, we believe that teachers shape the future today. As a partner to our hardworking Filipino educators, REX shares the same commitment to that teachers have shared and themselves to through their life and work, supporting them with learning materials that reinvent the classroom into a future-ready learning environment.

As the the country´s leading provider of progressive, dynamic, and innovative learning solutions, REX celebrates the irreplaceable contributions that Filipino educators have shared with generations of young learners. Today is Teacher´s Day, and REX joins the nation in expressing gratitude and appreciation to our dear teachers by celebrating their innumerable sacrifices — para sa bata, para sa bayan.

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