Teacher Reads: Pagod na sa Life? Pastor Ronald Molmisa’s Book “Kaya Ko Pa, Bes!” is for you.

Teacher Reads: Pagod na sa Life? Pastor Ronald Molmisa's Book "Kaya Ko Pa, Bes!" is for you.

Nakakapagod na mabuhay sa generation na to’! (I’m so tired living in this generation.) That’s how you and me responded to the many hassles and frustrations of every daily grind. In fact, regardless of the internet connection and convenience we get, people like us are still struggling with lots of things in life.

With progress and innovation comes change. This change is evident in how the younger generation vastly differs from the older generations. Gen Zs—those born from 1997 up to 2012—are exposed to a barrage of information and stimulants. It’s not always easy for them to distinguish the lies from the truth.

Gen Zs encounter these lies through the media, the internet, and their peers and have come to believe them. Here are some lies Gen Zs tell themselves, and how they could respond to them biblically:

  • “Right and wrong changes over time.” Many young people today believe that society dictates what is morally right and wrong. Truth has become relative, and it is up to the person to judge whether something is acceptable or not. Gen Zs who are followers of Jesus can be firm in their stand that truth is absolute, and that the Bible is our primary guide in discerning the truth from lies.
  • “I need to stay connected 24/7.” Gen Zs grew up with technology. Today, many young people own electronic gadgets, and they spend a lot of time online. Let’s ask ourselves: Do I spend too much time on social media that I neglect to do other important things? Am I letting my connections online affect my relationship in real life?
  • “My value depends on the number of IG and Twitter likes I receive.” For many young people, posting on social media is not just a way of expressing themselves; it is also a way to get appreciation and affirmation. The problem is when we expect, or even demand, others to affirm us. Remember: You will be disappointed if you only do things to please people. Why not aim to please the Lord instead?
Teacher Reads: Pagod na sa Life? Pastor Ronald Molmisa's Book "Kaya Ko Pa, Bes!" is for you.

Because Gen Zs are still in their formative years, they need guidance in molding their core values and beliefs. To fill this need, bestselling author and the founder of the Lovestruck Movement, Pastor Ronald Molmisa gathered five millennials to write Kaya Ko Pa, Bes! (And Other Lies I Tell Myself), a devotional aimed at the Gen Z crowd. The 52 entries in the book tackles how Gen Zs can be strong amidst the challenges they face.

The book also shares reflections on how each person’s story is connected to the Lord’s great plan for everyone. Also included are “Woke Prayers,” short and sweet prayers that readers can use to jumpstart their conversations with God.

Finally, the “Challenge Accepted” activity section encourages readers to apply the lessons they learned in the reflections.
Published by OMF Literature, Kaya Ko Pa, Bes! is available at OMF Lit Bookshop and other leading bookstores nationwide for P225.00. The book can also be ordered online through shop.omflit.com.

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