Teacher’s Insights: Create Your Men Swag Awesomeness with Shopee App.

Online shopping is one of the practical and fewer hassle ways to buy what you need without the effort of wandering around from one shopping mall to another. For women in general, online shopping is very common and an easy way to find the cheapest and trendy finds. And because of these demands, our male consumers can’t seem to find a broader place to specifically buy for their own stuff. Just like the ladies, men has a specific shopping needs too and Shopee has a solution for those male dilemmas.

As the leading mobile shopping app in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, Shopee has recognized this shopping behavior of make consumers, who are meticulous than women when it comes to buying online. Without leaving home because of demands of work and leisure, male consumers are making online shopping as an easy avenue to sit back, relax and shop for their needs and wants.

Shopee, on the other hand, wants to expand their online shopping experience by adding more trusted products brands selections like Belo Essentials for Men, HP, SanDisk and Promate to cater to the different and discerning needs for male consumers.

As part of their online campaign, Kapamilya actor JC Santos joined Shopee and shared his experience on how this mobile shopping app helped him buy his men essentials and gadgets without the hassle and with all the convenience he needs despite his busy schedule. He also shared his skin care regime and explains why men should not fell embarrassed on taking care of themselves and expand their thoughts about online shopping.

Macy Castillo, Shopee’s Head of Commercial Business shares “Apart from gadgets that are widely popular no matter the age, the shopping behavior of men in the Philippines differ based on age groups.” So from Fashion and Accessories, Wellness, Hobbies and Sports items, and even Toys, Kids and Men’s Skincare, Shopee has a wide variety of these items for all men’s needs.

For men who are hesitant about shopping online, Shopee Live Chat allays fears by allowing buyers to easily communicate with the sellers for any questions that they may have. Users also enjoy Shopee Guarantee, which protects payments until orders are delivered.

Shopee is available for free download from the App Store and Google Play. For more information about Shopee, or to start your online shopping experience, visit www.shopee.ph

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